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As a baby boomer parent, I am disturbed to read more and more stories about teachers and students connecting on social networking sites for purposes other than school work. But what is equally as troubling is the fact that some teachers are using their web pages to say derogatory things about the kids they teach. Recently, a high-school special-education teacher was suspended for using a Facebook "mood box" to post "I’m feeling p——- because I hate my students!"  

In another NC case, the Superintendent has recommended firing a Thomasboro Elementary teacher whose page said she was "teaching in the most ghetto school in Charlotte" and described her students as "chitlins." Her lawyer said his client intended no offense to her students and was simply telling the truth about resegregated schools in CMS.  

Some teachers say what they do on their own time is their business and as long as it doesn't affect the way they teach, it shouldn't matter. Is this a generational thing?  

What do you say?


Member Comments

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      (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Dec 5, 2008
    • I think what they said about what they do on their own time is their business, to some degree it is okay as long as they do not talk about school.  That makes that related.  It is just a fine line they just crossed.

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      Mary Clark wrote Dec 6, 2008
    • Okay......after being in a kindergarten classroom as a teacher’s assistant and having a family full of teachers I say you do have to be careful as to what you say. I still believe teacher’s have the right to express themselves as everyone else...absolutely. is a fine line there.  There are also “privacy and confidentiality laws” in place.  Most “good and responsible” teachers take that very seriously.  When you are in that classroom you are responsible for protecting those children and that includes their privacy.  No teacher needs to be having conversations with their students on Facebook, MySpace or email in my opinion.  If any emailing is going on it needs to be between the teacher and the parent....not the student.
      Some years you have classes that are very challenging but you don’t go around saying you “hate your students“. If that is the case you have no business being in a classroom. Did I have some days that I wanted to can have this? Absolutely. We all have trying days....but you don’t go around telling the world on the internet that you want to tell the school district...the parents you hate the students and they can take that job and shove it.
      Teachers are professionals and they need to act accordingly. As a teacher you do have to be careful as to what you say in the classroom and out of the classroom....even more so these days.
      Teachers get asked all the time by outside individuals...“how is your school year going or how is your class this year“?  If you have some difficult kids you respond by it’s a challenging  year or we have some behavior problems but we are working on those but never would you name a problem child or any child.  NEVER!!  

      Privacy is a BIG and MAJOR issue.....and needs to be taking seriously by ALL individuals.

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      Cynthia Schmidt wrote Dec 6, 2008
    • I want to weigh in here as well. Free speech is our right here. However, it’s not an excuse for bad behavior. “oh I was just exercising my right to free speech” I get very tired of hearing people use this as an excuse to say whatever they want, no matter how hurtful it can be.

      My husband is an educator and he would discipline a teacher for doing this. If these teachers really have a problem with their kids, they need to be able to express these feelings and get it out but not in a public forum. We have counselors and clergy for this sort of thing.

      No matter how they feel, it’s not ok to say hurtful things to or about kids.

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