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Love it

Who are you? Do you know? Who do people say you are? I wonder. There has been many times when I’ve had to stop dead in my tracks and take a long hard look at myself. Why do you ask. We get so wrapped up, tied up and tangled up in Life, Livings, Dying, Surviving, Coping, Juggling, and Evolving that we get mixed up about WHO we are sometimes. Really think about it for a moment. How many times have you become the person you dislike? How many times did you catch yourself saying those same things that you heard someone else say and you didn’t like it. How many of you found yourself parenting like you were parented and you hated it. Have you ever became that unhappy employee that you didn’t like? Be careful. You are evolving constantly and becoming everyday someone different. A masters masterpiece if you will. You are striving to be. What you want to remember is that you want to be the BEST YOU that you can be. Not what people want or expect you to be but the best YOU that you can be and there is a difference. You set the expectation and goal for yourselves don’t let your situation, what the doctors say, circumstances or even society dictate to you WHO you are or WHO your suppose to be. TAKE back your Power to BE! Be who you want to be. You may ask me why I think that way and this is my visual. I know that our Creator is in control. No matter what we think! Many of us believe that we are in control, but we are not. If we were there would be no accidents or surprises. There would be no murphys law (what ever can happen will) So I visualize us at lumps of clay. We are ready and willing to be molded yet we are animated. We have free will. As these lumps of clay we watch other lumps of clay on the potters wheel and we watch what is happened to them. Some of these lumps of clay are being molded into beautiful, perfect, flawless pieces of art and we choose to wait quietly for our turn. It seems to me sometimes that waiting takes for ever and I struggle with it. I don’t know how many of you feel the same way but I’m sure that I’m not alone. As we wait and wait and wait and wait we began to feel antsy and nervous maybe even angry or bitter because it seems like our time is never going to come. So in that mind of urgency we jump down off the shelf and try to mold ourselves and become something that we want to be, something that we dreamed of maybe are something that people have told us we were. While we sit there as this piece of clay we move from side to side and we try to grow and stretch. We try to make something of ourselves and we try to change all by ourselves. After we have done this for a while we give up! We sit there looking around at all the other lumps of clay that have been formed and transformed and we have resentment because we jumped down off the shelf in anticipation of hurrying the process of change along. Many times I felt broken and cut. I felt handled and mishandled. I felt vulnerable and violated. I felt like I was torn in two, three and four. Sometimes I felt refreshed like I had been thirsty and all of a sudden I drank some wonderful water and things were better. Most times I just hated my life and myself! Wow what a revelation of many times in my life. This is the real deal though. That lump of clay was me. I sat there and when I finally got tired of trying to do it alone, I was all jacked up! I was tired and sick and tired. I was ugly inside and out. I was hopeless and had no faith. I didn’t want to hear about divine help or favor because for me I was all alone. Nothing and no one ever looked like me. How could all those beautiful pieces of art ever have been like me before. I was low in spirit. I had given up and stopped trying I just wanted to sit there and DIE. For my past life had left me with 3 choices for my future. The choices that I had was Death, Mental Institution, or Prison. I sat there a sad lump of clay.  I remember when I finally gave up. I held my head up and realized that I was in a different place. I was moving but it wasn’t from side to side it was around and around. I found myself on the potters wheel. To my amazement the potter had been sitting there all along. Watching me. Waiting for me to become workable. Waiting for me to stop falling over from one side to the other and just endure the process of growing up slowly. As I gave into the process I looked at some things that were happening to me differently and everything began to change for me. The potter grabbed me and held me tightly. Picked me up and through me down on a hard surface. Ouch!!! that hurt but at the same time I knew that there must be a reason for this. He picked me up and put me back on the wheel and I sat waiting. I thought that was the worse part, but then I felt this cutting. It went from the top of me to the bottom of me and from one side of me to the other Ouch! Please stop I can’t take anymore but he didn’t. I realized I had some lumps and bubbles and things in me that needed to come out if I was gonna be perfected. I needed to be smooth and workable if the potter was gonna get me ready. The potter would pick up all my pieces and put me back to gether again. Then all of a sudden I would feel refreshed. The water would come and take away my dry hard parts and that always felt wonderful. Eventually the wheel started to spin and I started to be molded into something different. I started to become beautiful. I’m sure that I’m not finish, but let me tell you I’m not that same old lump of unrecognizable lump of clay. I am becoming beautiful, but sometimes it still hurts like hell!(smile) My point in all of that was this. You are clay in the pottershands and the potter is in control. If you want to change and become a masters masterpiece don’t worry about people, stuff, your past, your generational history, the lies that you tell yourself or your fears. Just be. Be on the potters wheel eager to become a beautiful piece of art like none other. My words for everyone reading this is: “This is your time! You have been waiting eager to see change. You have sat in that chair or laid in that bed and wondered where you went wrong. You have cried many nights and out to God in anguish because things didn’t turn out the way you expected them to. YOU have told yourself countless times that THIS IS IT my LIFE is over now I will just be like this until I die. You have become cold and angry, bitter and self pitying. You have stopped crying and laughing you have become stuck! I speak LIFE into you lifeless body and I say that you are not finished! Your life is not over! You will LIVE and YOU shall not die! You will hold your head up to the hill from which your help comes from. You will stand and be noticed and the God in you will be recognized as a huge shadown following you around everywhere you go. You will be the light in the darkness. You will have peace that surpasses all understanding and you will mount up with wings as eagles. I speak life into your weary soul right NOW and I say to you. You are free! You are Delivered! You are more than conquerous and your time is NOW! Face the truth and don’t be afraid. For God has given you Love, Power and Sound Mind.

Love it


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