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I heard it yesterday! In conversation with a dear friend. Those words that we both dread & capitulate to.

“Oh, my - I have a fear to succeed!”

Why is it that so many of us fear SUCCESS? Is it because we are women? Have we for so long been drilled that women’s place “is in the home“? Are we still reeling from the accusations that we alone are responsible for the downfall of men?

Maybe it’s that we fear losing our most precious possession. . . our femininity! Yes, I’ve heard that too from women. Women who think that to succeed - really succeed financially - is to lose the “heart” that we bring to everything we do.

Sometime ago, I heard a very successful business woman from northern Indiana speak at a luncheon. She told the story of the success of the company she and a friend built over the years. If I told you her name, it would mean nothing to you. But the company name is known the world over! To hear the story is to chuckle at how “on a shoestring” they started. How over time, they built a multi-million dollar business catering to the fashion whims of women around the globe.

The woman is as feminine as you’ll find. She didn’t come in with ‘hipboots’ striding around the room with an air of superiority. She expressed great gratitude for the successes she and partner are enjoying after years of consistent laboring to make it happen.

What is the difference between many of us who consistently remark - “oh, my” - and those who quietly go about making SUCCESS happen for themselves? And others!

If I had the answer, I wouldn’t be appealing to all of you for the answers. For some of us, it may be the ‘scripts’ we learned growing up. For others, it may be a number of past perceived ‘failures’ that dot our landscape.

Whatever it is for us. . . it must be quashed if we are to reach the pinnacle of SUCCESS we’ve chosen for ourselves.

Let me tell you how it is for me. I’m one of the women who gets to a certain point, sees the excitement of succeeding & then the knots form in the stomach & the heart palpitations begin. At that point, the mind beats out “oh my” - over & over again. Not “oh my” it may not work. But “on my“. . . . it’s working!

And that’s the point at which many of us want to sit down at the side of the road & let the traffic rushing to succeed - pass us by.

What do we do?

We find a woman who has reached the level of SUCCESS she carved out for herself with plans, strategies & written goals! We ask her to ‘mentor’ us. Not therapize, but mentor! Keep us on the “straight & narrow“. A woman who knows the right questions to ask us at those times when the ‘black clouds’ of “oh my” want to push in. A woman who will press us to face our fears & overcome.

And we take “baby steps” in the direction we need to head. Small steps that have at least a 98% potential to make it happen. We carve SUCCESS into manageable bite-size pieces that we can swallow & enjoy the taste. And when our rate of “make it happen” falls below 98%. . . we avoid panic at all costs.

That’s when the mentor is our most trusted ally! That’s when her questions intended to bring us back to reality are the most valuable.

So, if you are one of many women who desire to SUCCEED, but tackle it with an “approach-avoidance” mindset - rush out & find that woman who will press you on towards the goal. ‘Forgive’ the mental “oh my” & then remove it from your memory!

And decide. . . with the decisiveness with which you started the journey. . . .to carve SUCCESS in the size bites you can confidently & comfortably ‘chew‘.

Ah, let us begin TODAY!

Much love,

Linda, a fellow journeyer
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