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Hello All & Happy Monday;

When I first went on the internet to create a business I had no idea the kind of money I could make. Nor did I have any idea I'd lose the kind of money I did. In just 9 short months I lost most of it.

I remember thinking to myself it was just a pipe dream, it was stupid on my part, who did I think I was anyways? Give up the notion.

Being the kind of personality that is motivated by money more than anything, I was on the business band wagon again . Network Marketing is not all it's cracked up to be. They sell you pretty packages that you can work for 3 years and live for 20 without working. That's just plain stupidity. Any multi-millionaire will teach you that if you stop working- you stop earning. Even my multi-million dollar trainer, Joe Schroeder and his team mate and protege’ Diane Hochman taught me that. They said it's a lie to believe you can work so hard that you'll never have to work again. It's also diametrically opposed to a Kingdom mindset to think you don't have to work. That's poverty.

So here I am again. I have invested money I really didn’t have into my education for ad copy, marketing and more.
Your Mindset Affects Your Bank Account More Than YOU CAN IMAGINE!

What happens when I get this itch? And why does it seem that it comes around in waves? It could be because I am the kind of person who lives for a challenge. It more has to do with who I hang around with, what is going into my head and where my belief system is.

As a Bible believing person I believe God desires me to be prosperous. He desires me to take dominion in anything I set my hand to. He looks good and He can get alot done when I make alot of money because I can sow that into places that set people free for the glory of their King! Money does aid all efforts of evangelism and contrary to what the typical broke church will teach you: God does desire that you make ALOT of money.

The cold hard facts settle in when you realize that if you walk with the wise, you'll be wise. If you walk with a fool, you'll learn his ways. In reference to finances that means if you walk with those who are financially independent, you'll most likely get there. If you walk with victims and whiners you'll get there too.

Sadly alot of lazy Christians believe the lie from hell that says God is going to drop a financial blessing on your head just pray, fast and believe enough. He does desire to drop a financial blessing onto the life of His kids. However He has never EVER rewarded laziness with wealth. EVER. He typically lets poverty increase, He says that laziness will bring trouble unto your house. Poverty and laziness and drunkenness tend to hang out together.

So how does one inherit all that God designed without selling their soul to a workaholic lifestyle? By walking with a spirit of excellence. I first learned this from Joe Schroeder. Joe has been my mentor for the past 8 months, along with Diane Hochman. Schroeder is a prosperous 48 year old who holds much authority in the natural and the spiritual. He is wise and is an Ambassador for truth in my life. He recently told me that if I realized who I was in Christ there would be no stopping me. “Just do word JoAnn” is what he said. Meaning, JoAnn just speak from YOUR heart, share what you know, BE YOU!

I set out on that task. Show me who I am God. Help me to forgive all the short-changing, small thinking curses that have been spoken over me. Remove from me the mindset of apathy, break the chains and curses of mediocrity and give me courage God to soar and prosper amidst people who are just struggling to make their next house payment!
What Is Your Mind Feeding on a Daily Basis?

It never ceases to amaze and sometimes frustrate me when I meet someone who has an OBVIOUS anointing for business on their life yet they live in struggle and frustration. Typically they go to a church that preaches against wealth but are always praying for God to open doors. They hang out with people who speak against the wealthy and succumb to the lie that God has "allowed" their suffering and poverty they are experiencing to build character in their life. They typically fear failure, don't have much courage or stamina. Yet God Himself designed them to be a strong strong leader.

Where are you today? Is your MIND being fed things that keep you moving forward or you just working every single day of your life trying to not get stuck. Are you striving to be accepted by man or do you want the favor of God?

Can you see why it's SO IMPORTANT to be cautious what is going into your head? Far too many Christians cry when they see the suffering but do nothing to empower themselves to help. They are so stuck in surviving their own life they have no clue whatsoever on how to reach out and help others.

It starts with what you are listening to, watching and absorbing in a daily basis. It takes an aggressive guarding system in regards to what you allow to enter your MIND, what you permit people to speak over you and into you. Step by step it is possible to reprogram your thinking. I know, I am in the process of having a total spiritual lobotomy in that is changing my life.

Now I am onto the next step. Really becoming ALL that God designed!

Where are you today? Exam what and who you are listening to. And remember this teaching the next time you see a starving child that needs your help.

You've been DESIGNED to go far.... so don't settle for less!

JoAnn Donahue

Need Me? 609-517-5306


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