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FAQ ? Frequently Asked Questions

This document is under revision, not everything is complete or final.

If for any reason you had trouble getting to a page or would like to provide feed back, please contact our Help Team through Fabulously40 Help/Feedback form.

How do I....

Technical Questions

General Questions

Account Related Questions

Costs associated with joining Fabulously40 community.

Fabulously40 is a FREE website, there is no membership dues. Complete your on line profile and connect with women all over the world in just few minutes.

Please note: Fabulously40 features advertisers and other partners. All of these services are optional and you are not required to sign up for them.

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I am signing up for the first time. How do I choose a valid screen name?

Choose only letters and numbers in your screen name ? no spaces or symbols, and be sure to start your screen name with a letter.

Your screen name is your public identity on the Fabulously40 website and is visible in your profile, blog, group posts and replies, or reviews written by you. If you your goal is to remain anonymous, choose a screen name that does not represent your real name. Many of our members opt in for a screen name that captures their personality as well as their interests and hobbies.

Your screen name is unique; no other member can have the same screen name. Should you find that your screen name is already taken by a different member choose another, or add some numbers to the one you initially picked to make it your own.

Please note, screen names can only contain letters and numbers, and MUST start with the letter. NO Symbols and NO Spaces.

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I share an email address with someone else. Can we both sign up for Fabulously40 using the same email address?

Each Fabulously40 member is required to have a unique email address, therefore multiple registrations are not available with the same email address

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I don?t live in the United States or Canada, can I sign up for membership?

Absolutely, just select the "Outside USA" option in signup.

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I have forgotten my Fabulously40 password. How do I retrieve it?

Please go to the lost password form and fill in your email address (the one associated with your Fabulously40 account). We will immediately send your new generated password to the email address associated with your Fabulously40 account.

Please note: To ensure that your password retrieval email is delivered successfully to your email, be sure that Fabulously40 emails are not blocked by your spam filter. Please add to your allowed senders list. For assistance with your email system spam filter, please refer to your email help documentation.

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How do I change my password?

To change your password:

  • Go to and log in.
  • Put your mouse over the My Account button on the left hand corner of the page to view the drop down menu
  • Click the Edit Profile link in the drop down menu
  • Under Edit Profile, select the Settings tab link, which will take you to your account setting preferences.
  • Scroll down to Fill in your current password, a new password, then retype the new password to confirm it.
  • Click the Update button.

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How do I change the email address that is registered with my Fabulously40 account?

You can't, please contact and request email change

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What about people who are under 40?

Fabulously40 was launched on the premise that women change physically, psychologically and mentally at this very special time of their lives. At Fabulously40, we believe that those changes occur in women 40 and beyond. If you are 40 and younger and would like to get an early start, we welcome you to our site ;-)

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How do I upload my photo to my profile?

When uploading a photo to a website, it is best to upload a photo in JPG format. To upload a photo to your Fabulously40 profile:

  • Go to and log in.
  • Click the my account button on the left hand corner of the page to view the drop down menu
  • Click the Edit Profile link in the drop down menu
  • Under Edit Profile, select the Picture tab link, which will take you to your profile picture settings.
  • Click browse to search for a picture on your computer
  • After selecting the picture you wish to have as your profile picture, click upload
  • Your profile picture should be replaced
  • You need to be logged in using your login and password.
  • Click the Home profile link top right hand side that will take you to your profile
  • Click the Upload Picture link in your home profile

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I am concerned about privacy. What can I do to protect myself as a Fabulously40 member?

Fabulously40 is committed to protecting your privacy. Please visit our Privacy Statement for more information. Like most online communities, when you post content on Fabulously40, your content is public and can be picked up by various search engines, such as Google. Because Fabulously40 is a public website, you should be careful about what information you put on the internet. We recommend that you do not post anything you wouldn't want the world to know (e.g., your phone number, address, email address, or specific whereabouts). Note that the use of a screen name on Fabulously40 helps to protect your identity. By using your privacy settings, you may choose among three options for how you share your information by adjusting your settings to: Private, Friends, or Public. Keep in mind that, anything you share with ?everyone,? including your posts to a public group, can also be picked up by search engines on the internet.

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How do I contact other members via private message?

You can send them a private message by following these steps:

  • Click on a member's screen name to open the member's profile page. Note: You will find member screen names in group or blog postings, or by conducting a member search.
  • On the member's profile page, click ?Send a private message? located in the top center of the page.
  • Write a message in the Message field.
  • When your message is complete, click the ?Send message? button. Your message will be delivered to them.

At no time do other Fab40 members have access to your email address. You control who has your personal email address. If you do not want someone to have it, do not type it into your message.

Please note: After the other member receives your email, they may wish to respond. Make sure your privacy settings allow Private Messages if you wish to receive them.

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How do I find messages sent to me by other members?

When you are logged into Fabulously40, you will find a message center that contains your private messages
In order to get to your private messages, log into your Fabulously40 account. Once you have done so, click on the envelope icon labeled Inbox located on the right hand side of the screen.

In addition to finding your Fabulously40 private messages in your message inbox, you will also receive private message notifications in your personal email account. Clicking the link in the email will take you to your Fabulously40 inbox, where you can view and reply to messages.

From the message Inbox, you can block particular members from sending you private messages and manage all of your Fabulously40 private messages with the Sent and Trash features.

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Why am I not receiving any emails from Fabulously40 or private message notification emails?

If you are not receiving the weekly Fabulously40 Newsletter or private message notification emails, please check your junk mail folder. Sometimes, emails can be mistakenly flagged as junk or spam by email providers. To ensure that our emails do not get delivered to your junk mail folder, be sure to make to add the following addresses to your approved senders list: &

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How do I respond to a private message I received from other members?

When you receive a private message email from another member, you will receive a private message notification email. When you open the email message, you will be directed to the Fabulously40 website to view and reply to that member's message. You must be logged in to your account to view the inbox.

At no time do other members have access to your email addresses. Fabulously40 does not advise its Fabulous members to disclose email address information. Another member will only have your address if you choose to type it into your message when you are replying to that person.

To ensure that Fabulously40 emails do not get delivered to your junk mail, be sure to make the following addresses approved senders:

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How do I find another member by her screen name?

To search for members within the Fabulously40 community by screen name, click on members tab located towards the right side of the page on the Home screen. You can search for members by screen name, whether or not they have a picture, how far they live from you and when they joined.

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How do I search and connect with other women from our community who share my interests?

You can connect with other women by exploring groups or even creating your own group! Fabulously40 groups are a way for members who share similar interests to discuss shared interests, hobbies, and ideas by posting messages, replies, and photos.

If you want to connect with women directly, find their profile and if they have chosen to accept private messages send the a message to start communicating, or just leave a public comment.

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How do I create a group?

To create a group:

  • Login to
  • Go To Channels
  • Choose a Category>
  • Right hand side click on Create A Group
  • Complete information about the group
  • Click on "Create Group"

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How do I find replies to my post on an Fabulously40 group topic?

To view replies to an Fabulously40 group post, you must click on the Comments link at the top of the original post.

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Can I edit my post to an Fabulously40 group?

Once you have posted your group message, you can't edit or delete it yourself. Group managers and moderators are empowered to delete group posts at their discretion.

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I am no longer interested in being a member of a group. How do I leave?

To leave a group, follow these steps:

  • Login to
  • Click on "Leave This Group"

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How do I make my first blog post?

  • Go to and log in.
  • Put your mouse over the My Account button on the left hand corner of the page to view the drop down menu
  • Click on the ?Write Blog? link in the drop down menu
  • After you have written your blog, be sure to either ?save? or ?publish? it, options that can be found on the right hand side of the screen.

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How do I edit my Fabulously40 blog post?

To edit an existing blog, follow these steps:

  • Go to and log in.
  • Put your mouse over the My Account button on the left hand corner of the page to view the drop down menu
  • Click on the ?Manage Blog? link in the drop down menu
  • As you scroll down, you will see all your blogs listed.
  • You can edit them by selecting edit, lock or delete on the right hand side of each blog title.

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How do I add Friends on Fabulously40?

To add a Fabulously40 member to be your friend, follow these steps:

  • Login to
  • Click on the member's screen name to reach their profile page.
  • Click the link "Add as a friend" link

The invitation will be pending until the member accepts.

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How do I keep track of my Friends on Fabulously40?

The "Friends" feature gives you a means to create a circle of friends who can view areas of your Profile not visible to everyone and also to send you messages and comments. Many of the interesting people you find on Fabulously40 won't neccessarily become your Friends, but you may still want to read their latest blog or view their latest photo. Your "Favorites" simply bookmark these profiles.

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    Can I change my mind once I post a comment, blog, or reply?

    In most cases, you can change a setting or revise and delete something you have written. There are exceptions, however.

    • Comments: Whenever you post a comment on a blog, in a group, or on someone's Profile, it can be undone.
    • Groups you join: You can leave any group you join.
    • Screen name: You cannot change your screen name on your own.
    • Email address: You cannot change your screen name on your own.

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    What happens to my ownership of content (blog, group posts, photos, etc.) when I post on Fabulously40?

    Like other community web sites, Fabulously40 posts official Terms of Use (TOU) that describe the relationships, rights and responsibilities among the web site (that?s us) and its users (anyone who posts on or just visits While it is important to read the Fabulously40 TOU, we hope that this FAQ will clarify our position about the ownership of any content created by Fabulously40 members that is posted on our site.

    Fabulously40 users should not have to give up anything in order to share their ideas and creations with each other and with us. That?s why our TOU specifically state, under the heading, Content and Comments Posted by Fabulously40 Users, ?After posting User Content, you continue to retain your ownership rights in such User Content, and you continue to have the right to use your User Content in any way you choose.? If you create any original content (writing, artwork, photos, blogs, etc.), then with regard to that content, even after posting here, you continue to have the rights to:

    • sell it;
    • modify it;
    • license it to others
    • distribute (publish) it anywhere, including posting on other web sites; and
    • create other content based upon it.

    As a member you continue to own the content you post, however you do grant Fabulously40 a limited license with regard to that content. It is important that you understand that in agreeing to this license, you retain your copyright rights. By giving Fabulously40 a license, you grant us the right to do certain things with regard to your content but this does not take away from your own ownership rights in that content. It's important to understand that once your content is posted on you can republish it any where you chose, however you will nt be able to give someone else ane exclusive license in the same content that you've already given to Fabulously40. This of course doesn't limit you to give others the same non-exclusive license you?ve given Fabulously40.

    Why does Fabulously40 require a license to use the content I post?

    As copyright owner in any content you create, you alone have the right to display, publish, distribute, reformat, and edit your original content. This means that Fabulously40 cannot do any of these things unless you give us a license to do so. So the license described in Fabulously40? Terms of Use (TOU) is necessary, just so that we can do the things needed to run our web site and build and maintain the Fabulously40 community.

    The license that Fabulously40 members give us has the following elements to it. It is:
    • worldwide -- because the Internet and Fabulously40 are global in reach;
    • royalty-free -- meaning that Fabulously40 is not required to pay you for the content that you post;
    • exclusive -- meaning you are licensing your content to to Fabulously40 for at least 30 days; and
    • sublicensable -- so that Fabulously40 is able to use its affiliates and subcontractors such as Internet content delivery networks to provide our Web site.

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    Fabulously40 Community Guidelines

    Our Community Guidelines are a simplified version of the Fabulously40 Terms of Use. To familiarize yourself with these "rules of the road", please visit The Fabulously40 Community Guidelines.

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    What is this textile?

    We extensively use the textile implementation through out the site. It enables you to write shorthand HTML notation. We believe this is an easier method of publishing content online than with any WYSIWYG editor. For more information on textile please see

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