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  • I Don't Do Last Minute Invites!

    Love it
    11 posts, 8 voices, 1295 views, started Dec 24, 2010

    Posted on Friday, December 24, 2010 by Denise Richardson


    • Diamond

      Hello Fabbers and Merry Christmas Eve to you. Ok as some of you know I don’t deal with my siblings and haven’t since we buried my second to the youngest brother back in April of this year. Well again let me just say it’s not something I want to do staying away from them, but in doing so, is in my best interest. Well the last call I got from one of my sister’s was my baby sister on Thanksgiving eve asking me if I was cooking and that was the just of the conversation and hasn’t heard from her since until last night when she sent me a text message of all things telling me that my other sister the one I’m under is having family dinner at her home for Christmas at 3pm, ok well thats all fine and well but here is the thing:
      1st of all, I don’t do last minute anything and I like preparation.
      2nd Why didn’t she call me to tell me herself since its at her home, but she never calls me which leads me to.....
      3rdly NONE and let me re-innerate NONE of my sisters can cook so what is the menu and who is going to eat it lol?
      4th I will not be the butt of their jokes ever again which is why I’m not attending anymore family gatherings with them since they seemed to get their laughs off me during my little brother’s funeral, at the repast. Well I have made the decision to keep my distance from them, and my daughters feel the same way, not that I have influenced them NOT to go they too have had enough of the shananagians. They are upset as well because as always (we) my girls, hubby and the g-baby always do our holidays together and they are planning on coming over and spending the night tomorrow so they wanted to be in their pj’s all day like me after I get home from work, but I told them its their decision if they want to go or not, they are angry that my sisters planned this and then told us all at the last minute, I just got a feeling the girls will be here all day and not show their faces, because we are planning a fun filled day of movies, Wii games and lots of eating lol.

      I just feel they could have called us way ahead of time, but I honestly think they do it to me on purpose knowing I won’t show up because I don’t function on last minute if I don’t have to. I am going to enjoy my dinner and family like we planned, and thats the (key word) planned! I really want nothing to do with my siblings until they can get it together and stop being so ignorant and jealous hearted towards me because this is what it’s all about jealousy, yes I’m happy with my hubby and children and we have no outside drama and refused to allow it in and we‘re happy doing and being us. So I did text my sister back telling her we were staying home (my hubby & I). I wish them all a Merry Christmas.

      Love it


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