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  • Ignorance....Heartlessness...

    1 posts, 1 voices, 736 views, started Oct 16, 2009

    Posted on Friday, October 16, 2009 by Deb Link


    • Garnett

      The following is information that is sweeping across the web and hitting all of the Fibromyalgia/CFS/ME message boards.  The ignorance and heartlessness of some people in this world still astounds me.  I've contacted Dave Ryan and have received no response from him as yet.  I also contacted Timothy Hutchinson...e-mailed him the latest research findings regarding the XMRV and he did respond by saying that his wife is a scientist and his father-n-law is a doctor and they both say that Fibromylagia/CFS/ME are all a hoax.  So he is sticking by his original view that it is a hoax.  I guess, if anything, all of this is bringing attention to the issue.  It just makes you stop and think...what other topics/issues in life do people with such ignorance and asinine behaviors belittle.  Please copy and paste into your web browser the links below.  The youtube video tells the whole story.
      Peace and Blessings,


      ( October 13, 2009—
      Dave Ryan from 101.3 KDWB stated on his twitter account "People who should be shot: those who walk sloooooowly off the airplane 7 minutes behind the last person in front of them. Also, those who claim they have fibromyalgia."

      Read the article!!!

      Here is a response from a "fan" of Dave Ryan on his fb page.
      Timothy Hutchinson
      Wendy, Cynthia, and all the rest of you fibro-people; Dave made a one-line joke on TWITTER (not FACE BOOK), and NOT on the radio. On Twitter he has about 6500 followers? Those who follow him on Twitter (myself included) know his style of humor and get it.

      We know he is not advocating the shooting of fibro-people. He was obviously frustrated getting off the plane and shot off a quick-liner to a small online crowd of people who understand his brand of humor. Nothing he says about fibro-people in one quick line on Twitter is suddenly going to change our attitudes about your medical situation. It was a one line joke to a small intimate crowd - and now we have fibro-people SPAMMING Face Book. Sorry but that makes YOU ALL look like the BAD PEOPLE.

      Further, check the dictionary to discover the difference between the words "stated" and "joked" - your 'cause' page uses them interchangeably, when they mean different things. Learning the difference might help resolve this matter. He JOKED, not STATED that fibro-people should be shot. Not LITERALLY, but in his own HUMOROUS way that his Twitter followers get.... Read More

      Obiously he doesn't beleive that fibro is real, and that's his choice. Quite honestly I think fibro is a hoax also. But that's not why I defend Dave on this matter - it's because I support his right to freedom of speech, and you are all being ASSES and SPAMMING Face Book.

      You want respect? No problem; just convince a credible medical source / institution / governing body that fibro is real. Even then you can expect people to tell jokes about it once in a while. It's a part of life - grow up and deal with it.


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