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  • I've Tried For 40 Years, and Now I'm Done!!!

    Love it
    5 posts, 4 voices, 952 views, started Sep 17, 2013

    Posted on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 by Denise Richardson

    • Diamond

      I am the 4th child of 8 siblings and the 3rd oldest girl. My sisters have never ever tried to bond with me, but I with them. Throughout my life my sisters have always had a negative and difference of opinion of me and the three have always ganged up on me and they do things together leaving me out. My oldest sister is 58, then the next is 56 and the youngest is soon to be 50. This past summer my hubby, gbaby and I went on vacation in Georgia to visit with my sister at her request, she nearly begged us to come seeing I would also be celebrating my 53rd birthday while there so she in turned planned a birthday party for me, I have several old high school friends I grew up with that have moved there over the years and we’ve kept in contact.

      Ok so we travel to Georgia, get there and we were having such an awesome time until the tables began to turn when she invited one of her friends and her son to come and stay as well. Now my sister has a huge home the kind on the lines of the Atlanta House Wives so there was plenty of room but that wasn’t the case after her friend/son being there only one whole entire day/night I began to see a change in my sister’s attitude towards my hubby and I.

      Now while we were there we were carrying our weight in food, and anything else she needed us to contribute for being in her home, on the other hand this friend of hers was taking us for granted eating up everything we bought without asking assuming it was ok because it was in my sisters house, NOT!!! she even had the audacity to open up a new box of cereal my hubby had bought for our grand daughter with out asking for her 14 year old son. My sister didn’t try to check her or say to her that she needed to check with us about the food we had bought, ok so my grand daughter did speak up and was upset that this woman was freeloading on her cereal, but my hubby regressed and allowed the woman to serve it to her son.

      As the day progressed she continued to eat and drink all that we purchased without asking, we had also purchased 3 bottles of wine for our enjoyment and she tried to open a bottle by asking me if I wanted some wine and I said to her no, if I want some I’ll open some she sat her happy self down someplace and left the wine alone. Prior to our getting there my sister told my hubby that her lower level was complete and she had it all set up for him to enjoy as his private man-cave while we were there, ok so he’s so excited about that! when we got there he was truly enjoying the private space all to himself he had all the luxuries, flat screen TV, cable, bathroom, walkout patio, living room space, etc.... even her wine room was available to him. Oh no but as soon as the friend and her son came the son was allowed to take over the space that she said was for my hubby, of course that didn’t sit well with him, but we held our peace.

      The day of my birthday we cooked and had several guests of hers and my local friends who live the come and shower me with love, and gifts, now prior to the party we had to go to the store to get food. Now she had pre-paid for my cake prior to the day, so we‘re all shopping with our own baskets we were responsible for the meats ribs, chicken, sausages etc... she was suppose to get the sides, and snacks chips, dip, more wine etc... ok so we all get to the register she’s in line first her total came up to $69.35 she hands the cashier a credit card she swipes it not once, twice, but three times it declines so she pulls out  another one, swipes it again not once, twice, but three times it too declines so again she tries another card, it too declines so my hubby says to me to pay for her purchases with my card and he will reimburse me because he knew that was part of my shopping money for our planned girls shopping day which never happen but I’ll get to that later.

      Ok so any how I pay for her purchases and then my hubby pays for ours which was 144.89 of so we go back to her home and start preparing things for the party, my hubby was the grill master and D.J, I was cooking the sides and helping her get the tables set up etc... ok so now it’s time for me to get changed for the party. I needed to iron a blouse I was planning to wear and the ironing board was setup in her room, as I go in to iron she comes in and says oh let me call and see why my cards declined I know I have money in my accounts. I’m not really caring at this point she is such a show off and wants everyone to think so highly of her but I feel sorry for her, anyhow I’m ironing my blouse she gets the phone and dials the number to her Merrill Lynch account then puts it on the speaker so I can hear what her balance in her account is again, not that I care lol, ok so she gets the shock of her life when it said your previous balance was $24,000.00 your current balance is $0.00 she almost pissed her pants she hung the phone up so quick and ran into her bathroom I finished my blouse and got dressed. Ok so now she is pissed because I now know she is broke, for that moment.  

      I have never been or try to be a show off or try to live beyond my means but she on the other hand live to try to be more than she is so the day goes on the party was great but the day after was hell to pay. She had been having issues with her kitchen sink with water seeping from below so she made the comment about it to my hubby, he in turn tries to appease his sister inlaw for her hospitality of letting us stay in her home free while on vacation he offers to fix it, so he looks at it and tells her what the real issues were but she thinking she knows it all, because its her house, tells him it was her seal around the sink so she and her freeloader friend leaves and goes to Home Depot to get a new seal and the cement seal to put around it.

      Ok not wanting to upset his sister inlaw my hubby replaces the parts she bought with the old and still it was not the issue, so he goes under the sink looks and shows her why and where the leak was coming from. He says to her that she needed the elbow pipe as well as the round elbow screw that fit she got so upset with him hit her hand on the counter and says “I’m not going back to the store and I’m not spending anymore money!” Errrr????? Excuse you this is your sink I’m saying to myself so I said to my hubby, honey we can go together and get the part, so he myself and gbaby go get the part but while we were out I said to him while you fix her sink we will go and pack, we are leaving tonight he looked at me and said are you serious? I said yes! I refuse to stay another night in her house, and allow her to disrespect you as my husband or me so we are leaving as soon as you‘re done.

      So my gbaby and I went and packed up and put all our luggage in the car and waited for him to finish, she was trying to act as though she didn’t understand why I chose to leave I told her but of course she claims she didn’t have an attitude but I know different she has a history of cussing out other people’s husband’s she has done so with both my sister’s husbands and they keep going back for more pain, me on the other hand don’t like pain so I choose to be pain free and happy. I have dealt with their hateful ways towards me for most of my life and today I take a stand and say NO MORE!!!

      Love it

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