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  • Mines more of a February/October Relationship!

    6 posts, 5 voices, 1540 views, started Jul 13, 2010

    Posted on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 by Saylor101

    • Garnett

      How silly huh?  I just don’t want to be a DECEMBER!!  I have too much left to do!!  So I suppose it’s a vanity issue too!

      ANYHOW -   My boyfriend/EX fiance is 21 years my junior.  He is not a gold digger or opportunist either.  (haha - had to say it)!

      We have so much fun, we have wonderful conversations, he has brought me out of my shell and offered me a freedom of self-discovery that I had NEVER had before - EVER.  I led an exciting life for years, traveled, dated a varity of men.... was married 14 years...But this - this has been SOMETHING ELSE!

      WE are in the 20th month of our relationship, and had a few very rough moments (henseforth the EX-fiance).. we seperated a couple times, but neither of us could/would stay away from eachother...always within 3 days...we are on the phone...meeting for lunch - We are Best Friends.

      However he has become jealous - very much so - has started going through my purse/billfold, cell phone....and monitoring my schedule.  He says he has no idea what has caused this new found attitude, has just decided that I am so beautiful and that anyone would be lucky to have me ... blah blah blah - blowing smoke - whatever... I don’t know.  

      70% of the time things are still really good....the other is spent in debate or stressed conversations....I just don’t get it....

      In my heart I feel that this is truly the beginning of our end - and that hurts.  I’m not afraid or worried about startin over again... Though I do Not Look foward to it...but that is another entry!  

      Just wondered if anyone had insight.....
      And FYI - I don’t think he’s cheating or such, I could be an idiot - but truly, he has no time no transference issue that I can see....

      Thanks for the read - and your time.... xo

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          Saylor101 wrote Jul 13, 2010
        • Gosh - Don’t I know it Kristi - and It is truly such a bummer (for lack of a better word) cause this was not an issue at all for the 1st 1 1/2 years.... I just don’t understand it....heartbreak

            But then I still have a hard time understanding how wireless things work - and how we can make calls across the world and - and - and happy  Awe - the joy of a simple mind! happy  

          Thanks for your feedback.  I do appreciate it!

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          Linni wrote Jul 13, 2010
        • i agree with Kristi on this...
          i wish you the best in this situation my friend!

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          Trudy S wrote Jul 13, 2010
        • Not to be too ‘heavy’ about his...but some of what you said about the jealousy, mistrust, tracking your schedule etc. are often signs of a potential abuser.

          It can be a sign of a lack of self control and self confidence - often the next step is lack of anger control.

          Just saying!

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          Saylor101 wrote Jul 14, 2010
        • ISAGENIXBELIEVER:  It is so interesting that you would say that....As it’s been said before.

          While there were some boughts of impatience and even loss of control with breaking things - There has never been any true violence or reason for me to feel concern for MY wellbeing - - and the other I attributed to his crappy upbringing....

            Does someone that hasn’t expressed/shown any physical violence in over 1 1/2 years all of a sudden become that way?  From what I’ve gathered from his past there have been some control issues, but again, no physical violence....

          Not sugar coating or looking for a way “out of” the opinion - I am TRULY Curious - and Interested - obviously for good reason happy  

          Thank you!

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