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  • Should the Door Remain Closed?

    Love it
    4 posts, 4 voices, 1153 views, started Dec 18, 2013

    Posted on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 by Denise Richardson

    • Diamond

      True story.
      There is this couple that God used to bring my hubby and I together 13 years ago. However my hubby and her hubby have remain friends, she on the other hand has betrayed mine and my hubby’s friendship through lies, and deceit. Well yesterday my baby girl had to take her car in for some service work to her hubby’s car shop and she happened to be there, she asked my daughter how was I doing and stated that she never saw my grand daughter before. Then she goes into this tailspin of lies as to why we were no longer friends, she painted this picture to my daughter that it was I that was the reason the friendship between us had been dissolved. She truly played the violin song to my daughter, because my daughter called me saying I need to not hold a grudge against her, and to let it go and give her a call because she misses me.  

      Well I asked my daughter what was said to her, she begin to share with me and as she was telling me I place the call on speaker so that my hubby could hear the conversation, so as we listened my hubby took over and shared with my daughter the truth as to what happened and why we no longer deal with his friends wife. Once my daughter heard the truths from my hubby and I she got pissed because she felt she had been had lol, I told her not to get mad just know that she is that kind of person and that she will never change. I told my daughter I let that issue with her go a long time ago, I just chose not to deal with her. My daughter says well mom she claims she love and miss you and want you to call her. If I was the bad one, why would you want to deal with me? I told my daughter she laughed, I was over the issue with her, but it is still to this day my hubby who is not wanting me to fool with her, she even tried to trick him out of some money so he is still carrying some bitterness against her not me. I just try to live and let live, and I tell people all the time I live by Maya Angelou quote; “*when people show you who they are the first time, believe them.“*  

      So she showed me her true colors and I’m looking at who she really is and what she really stand for. I’m not mad at her I’ve moved on without her and the drama she brings. So she wanted me to call her, so I did last night, I blocked my number and called her it was a brief casual conversation, she shared with me about her heart condition, how she misses me and her seeing my daughter. I let her do most of the talking. When she asked me for my number I told her I wasn’t ready to release it and she said ok, well you have mine so keep in touch and that was the just of the phone conversation, now should I allow her back into my life feeding her with a long handled spoon because that’s how it would have to be, obey my hubby and leave her alone and keep the friendship door closed?

      Love it

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          Marya1961 wrote Dec 18, 2013
        • I say go with your gut feeling on this, friends come and go, but integrity always remains the same..hope this helps.happy

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          Carla Aberle wrote Dec 18, 2013
        • I think you made a nice gesture. You made an effort, you let her talk with you and I think you are safe to let it drop. You don’t owe anyone anything. You have to be true to yourself and your family is always the first priority over friendship. (At least that is how I feel about priorities) Perhaps you can share with your daughter that you made an effort to connect with her but feel it is in everyone’s best interest to now let it go. Enjoy your holiday with the people that love you! happy

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          Denise Richardson wrote Dec 30, 2013
        • heartThanks ladies I’m going to follow my heart.

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