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  • T.G.I.F for Real

    7 posts, 6 voices, 622 views, started Dec 21, 2012

    Posted on Friday, December 21, 2012 by Denise Richardson


    • Diamond

      WOW I thought this day would never come lol, it was a long work week for me. Hi ladies hope all is well I have several errands to run one being a doctors appointment, but want to say have a great day to you all, do tell us what your day entails. Ta-ta for now. estatic


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          Marya1961 wrote Dec 21, 2012
        • Good Morning Neicy & Ladies!

          Not feeling so hot today, a lot of gastric pain, probably the acid reflux on overdrive...this time of year with the weather conditions changing makes me feel bad.

          Anyway, doing a couple of errands and then we are going to hub’s SIL house for dinner.  

          Hope everyone has a great day!


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          Mzd3 wrote Dec 21, 2012
        • Same ole thing here every day, babysitting then work at
          Hope you all have a nice day and Mary, feel better heart

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          Denise Richardson wrote Dec 21, 2012
        • Well my doctor is pre-diagnosing me with the possibility of sacroilitis which is very painful and somewhat complicated, he is sending me to a physiatrist for further testing and proper treatment, I just hope they can hurry and get my pain under control like no pain at all. I got my hair colored and trimmed, got the nails done, got my cards mailed and the Grandbaby is here, so as of now I’m relaxing with her and preparing for work for the next 2 days.

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          Diane17 wrote Dec 21, 2012
        • @ Denise - What is sacroilitis?  I hope you feel better soon.

          Today was my last day of work until after the New Year!  Now I’m home checking FB and printing off coupons for grocery shopping tomorrow.  So not looking forward to going to the grocery store tomorrow but it must be done.

          Have a good evening all,

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          Tuliplady wrote Dec 21, 2012
        • TGIF!!!!  It’s been a helluva week!!!  Whew am I glad it’s friday!

          And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the local liquor store that’s on the corner near hubby’s work.  They let you pick and mix a six pack imported beers.  I’m relaxing with a cold one as I type.

          The weather screams Winter Solstice.  Yes, we’ve got a lot of hours of dark today and it’s 2 degrees out there now when I just went to walk the dog.  Go to work in the pitch dark, arrive home in the pitch dark.

          Denise, I hope you get things straightened out.
          Mary, feel better.
          Diane, I’m grocery shopping tomorrow too.  UGH!  I’ll think of you and know we‘re in the same boat and maybe it won’t seem so horrible.

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          Denise Richardson wrote Dec 22, 2012
        • @Diane17

          Sacroiliitis is inflammation located at the sacroiliac joints. This condition may be brought about by trauma, osteoarthritis and wear and tear, pregnancy or in rare cases, infection. Sacroiliitis is a key symptom of several forms of inflammatory arthritis, and is often the first to make itself known in these diseases. Sacroiliitis most commonly occurs when you have chronic inflammatory arthritis in the spine (called spondylitis). As a clinical sign, sacroiliitis plays a major role in diagnosing spondylitis, but determining the cause can be difficult.

          Symptoms of Sacroiliitis

          Sacroiliitis may be felt as deep pain in the back or buttocks that gets better with activity. It generally is worst at night or in the early morning. Sacroiliitis is a common cause of inflammatory back pain.

          Symptoms of sacroiliitis tend to occur early on in the course of ankylosing spondylitis, and may be the reason your sacroiliac joints are tender if you have this disease. Ankylosing spondylitis is the most common type of spondylitis.

          Diagnosing Sacroiliitis

          To diagnose sacroiliitis, your doctor may order an x-ray, MRI or CT scan. She may also order lab tests to find out if an infection is the cause. An x-ray shows what’s going on in your bones, making it a good tool for following the changes in your pelvic and spinal bones as the disease progresses.

          For decades, the x-ray was the only imaging test used to diagnose sacroiliitis (and spondylitis). The problem with using x-rays to diagnose sacroiliitis is that it takes many years for evidence of the condition to become visual. More recently, new MRI techniques have entered the scene. These techniques allow doctors to see the active inflammation responsible for the bone changes that is subsequently picked up by x-rays. The use of MRI has in some cases greatly sped diagnosis time

          If, early on, your doctor suspects spondylitis, she may order an MRI done with a specialized technique called short tau inversion recovery (acronym STIR). Another common MRI technique for sacroiliitis is the gadolinium T1 MRI. If you have the gadolinium test, you’ll need to undergo a dye injection.

          A CT scan may also be valuable in diagnosing spondylitis, but the specialized MRIs often prove themselves as the most useful for this purpose.

          Living With Sacroiliitis

          Sacroiliitis may disrupt your usual activities. For example, the pain tends to get worse when you stand for a long time, when you stand on one leg, when you climb stairs and/or when you run or walk with large strides.

          Treatment for Sacroiliitis

          Treatment for sacroiliitis focuses on relieving symptoms, improving function, and potentially slowing disease progression. Treatment may include pain-relieving medication, muscle relaxers, corticosteroid injections, DMARDS or TNFs, along with physical therapy. You’ll likely learn stretching, strengthening and posture exercises in physical therapy. Procedures such as radiofrequency dennervation or electrical stimulation may also help control the pain. Surgery is rare, but sometimes fusion of the sacroiliac joints is done to help relieve pain.

          Hey Tulip, enjoy your weekend and the beers lol.

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