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  • The Very Reason I Stay To Myself

    5 posts, 5 voices, 2022 views, started Sep 15, 2014

    Posted on Monday, September 15, 2014 by Denise Richardson

    • Diamond

      Hello all, this post comes looking for your honest opinion.

      Ok, my hubby and I have lived in our apartment complex for the past 6 years and never ever has either one of us been in any of our neighbors apartments. Everyone here is pretty much quiet and to themselves with an occasional hello or small conversation in passing. Now for me I didn’t know we had a new neighbor in the building who says she moved in at the beginning of August, but I just ran into her last week and it was due to us bumping into each other at the back entrance door. After that first chance meeting I would see her from time to time taking out her trash. Now she is a 45 yr. old woman with 2 adult children who also live with her, son is 21 with a serious disability and a 19 yr. old daughter who seems to be ok. Well with my 2nd encounter with her, me leaving the building she stops me for small conversation.

       I was in a hurry but she talked fast and enough to tell me of her sons condition and how she came to Michigan from Chicago, and etc.... ok so a few weeks have past and the other day as I was coming into the apartment she and her daughter meets me at the entrance door. Now mind you I live on the second floor she is on the first floor and her apartment sits on the front so she has a front view and we sit on the back with our view being the parking lot. She can see when and who leaves or enters our complex if she is near her window, Also let me state that the only time she exits the back door entrance is only and I do mean only when she is taking out her trash or getting her mail.

       This particular day that she and her daughter met me at the back door was an intentional encounter, I felt it in my spirit and sure enough she says to me “hey how are you doing?, me and my daughter going to CVS to get a few groceries“, I said oh ok. Then she says “can you give us a ride? Me doing the Christian thing I said sure, so instead of me taking them to the corner CVS, I took her to Kroger to get more for her money  and to hold her knowing she doesn’t have a car. As I’m driving she looks over into my change keeper and sees my car change I keep for my car washes and for vacuuming out my car she says “Oh can I have those quarters so I can do my laundry?” Now my red flag is waving, I told her I keep that for my car interior maintenance.

      Ok so we get to Kroger and I sit in the car while she and her daughter go in, after they come out we‘re driving home and she begin to talk to me about my neighbor who lives under me who is a paraplegic and a very nice and also private guy  she is going in on and on about his person business to me and told me things I never knew living under him for 6 yrs. So for her to find all this out in a matter of a few weeks let me know she is a busy body and someone I want no dealings with. Ok so we get home and I go my way she goes hers. The next day she comes and asks me if I were going to be leaving out to go to the store, could I buy her some donuts, chips, ice cream and other snack foods and she will pay me later. Errrrrrrrrr??????? What????? I told her no I wasn’t doing that and I left. She has also tried to get me to come down to her apartment to meet her son, but I declined I feel its a ploy to have a reason to try to come up to mine, I don’t visit my neighbors. Now I know nothing about this woman but my spirit tells me she is a leech, and will leech off of anyone who will let her. I will not offer her anything else because I feel that she took my one time offer to give her a ride to the store for granted so am I being unrealistic and reading too much into this or what??????

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