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  • Why Are YOU Looking A Gift Horse In the Mouth!?

    1 posts, 1 voices, 710 views, started May 14, 2011

    Posted on Saturday, May 14, 2011 by Denise Richardson


    • Diamond

      Ladies, you all remember my male friend whom I have blogged about in past times ok well he has resurfaced again, this time he is crying about....

      Ok apparently his family has some property that was willed to his mom from a great-grandmother and they have kept the house occupied by his mom’s brother, well he died a month ago and they were up in the air about what to do with the house because due to him being old, and on a fixed income he couldn’t do much to bring the house up to a more livable condition.

      Ok so somewhere, someone thought of this clown and said let him live there since he has no place to go. Ok so his mom in turn sits him down and chats with him about moving into the house, the only condition of him living there was that he had to do or have done all the improvements himself. OK and? This is a house to call your own free and clear just fix it up to your liking and chill right? NOT! This joka wants something for nothing, 1st of all chump you are barely working, you have no vehicle and your mom is still getting your grown butt back and forth to work, when she should be chillin’ out enjoying her retirement.  

      2ndly you don’t have any other resources and you‘re complaining? OK now I do know 1st hand about the area he will be living in and I too wouldn’t want to live in the area let alone, drive by it lol, sorry ok but hey he’s a man and a man who has succumbed to that kind of life in that area so he’ll fit in just fine, OUCH! the truth hurts.

      Ok so he calls me complaining about having to live there, I'm like WTH are you complaining about, you ain't got nothing to begin with and this is a start look, "you gotta crawl before you can walk"  as my mom used to tell us. He's so caught up on how his parents helped to buy his baby sister a nice home in Oak Park, ok that may all be well and true but you know why your family has not tried to help you in that manner since the Mrs. left him high and dry.

      Ok so I told him you’d better stop looking a gift horse in the mouth and make the best of your bad situation because they don’t have to extend this hand to you either, I can’t believe him, he is still crying after all this time he will be 48 years old this coming July and he is still looking for handouts. I tell you some people just don’t get it. Then he had the nerve, the gall to say to me that I needed to come over to see the place, for what I’m not coming that way, and no way am I getting mixed up with him and his drama because I can see he is still bitter with a lot of people and I’m not trying to hear all that nor be a part.

      He is still after all these months still walking around like the world owes him something. SMH meaning~shaking my head in disgust. worriedfrown


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