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Q & A

I was wondering has anyone here seen the commercial on the product Lipozene which is a belly-fat shrinker/weight-loss pill? If so has anyone here tried it or know someone who has and had successful results with it?

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      Denise Richardson wrote May 6, 2011
    • BUYER BEWARE!!! LOL I tell you some people will do anything to make a quick buck, I did a quick research on this product and here are some of their testimonials,

      I purchased Lipozene and it was a huge scam!  

      The website ( says if you buy 1 bottle for 29.99 you get 1 bottle free!  

      NOT TRUE!  

      You purchase the 1 bottle for 29.99 then get charged an extra 59.99 for the 2nd bottle. They don’t charge you the additional 59.99 until about a week after you receive the product.  

      When I saw the additional 59.99 that was charged to my account I immediately called lipozene and they told me they would remove the charge.  

      About 2 weeks later I saw anoter 29.99 charge on my online banking statement from lipozene. Again I called lipozene to see what was going on. The gentlemen that I talked to said that they could not remove the charge like the previous saleswoman said, but they could break it up into payments!  

      I dont know why the first saleswoman didn’t tell me that in the first place! She just told me that they would remove the charge! He said another 29.99 would be charged to my account in another 2 weeks.  

      I would not mind spending that much money on a product if it worked, but it does not work AT ALL!  

      The bottle says take 2 capsules a day, or for faster results take 2 capsuls twice a day. i’ve been taking the 4 capsuls for the faster results for almost 2 months and NOTHING has happend! NOTHING! Lipozene is a complete joke. I called again.... to lipozene because there is a money back guarantee, and I straight-up asked the representative if a lot of people have been returning this product and he told me “yes!” So, just some advice to everyone! Dont buy Lipozene! its a SCAM!  

      Steph (  

      I’ve used Lipozene for a month now, can’t say that I see or feel significant difference. I am on a workout program, TAE BO. I do this for about 1hr 20 mins mon-fri and I would credit all my wieghtloss to the program alone.  

      It’s a vigorous workout which I’ve used before to lose weight (and was succesful) and the pounds do not seem to come off any quicker then they did in my past without use of Lipozene.  

      So frankly I think had I not been doing Tae Bo I would have seen little to no change in my weight and body fat percentage.  

      Renee (  

      I worked as a contractor for the company that represents LIPOZENE and took product orders. The order process is so long and confusing that even I had a hard time ensuring that my customers did not get charged for product shipments they did not order.  

      There are six upsells that the customer has to say no to in order not to get charged monthly. They are only written this way with the intent to deceive.  

      Who is the perpetrator of this attempted fraud?

      The company is West Corporation and they write these scripts for companies like Obesity Research Institute LLC for LIPOZENE. Call your local law enforcement and the Federal Trade Commission (202-326-3291 or 202-326-2752) to make a complaint if you have been taken. This is fraud.

      Or better yet, make sure you call the West Corporation CEO Thomas B. Barker at 402-963-1200 to complain. And call often to ensure the message is received.

      I have seen this up close and this is a scam. West represents other reputable companies like Time Life and Guthy Renker. I bet they would run for the hills if they became associated with this scam.

      K Balou (k_b AT  

      I’m not yet sure if this product reduces body fat or not, but I will say that it DOES make you feel full.  

      Never in my life had I ever walked through a grocery store and not been able to come up with something to cook for dinner, simply because nothing looked appetizing.  

      If your goal is to eat less, YES it works. One note, though, initially you tend to hold on to fluids. Water is extremely highly absorbed by fiber. If you can be patient enough to wait out this initial period, and not get discouraged in the process, Lipozene can work.  

      Alli (  

      Lipozene did help me lose a few pounds so I would recommend it for people who just need to get a few pounds off. I believe in order to lose a lot of weight using Lipozene you must use it over a long period of time.  

      I also believe that just simply taking a fiber supplement will help you lose weight also, and in the end is alot better for people with tight budgets because fiber supplements are about half the cost of Lipozene.  

      Stephanie (  

      I ordered Lipozene over the phone and was told I would be billed 29.95 plus shipping.  

      I was debited $164.00 from my account and have just been taken for another $41 without my consent.  

      Lipozene has done nothing for me or my husband in 30 days and we cannot reach this company for the refund we were promised. My bank will now get involved. Lousy product no results.  

      Dorothy (  

      I have been using this product for one week now with absolutely no weight loss. I have been taking 2 tablets 3 times a day. It hasn’t reduced my craving for foods, though I don’t overeat on a regular basis. I have tried to call customer service without any luck. I will try this product for 3 more weeks for any results, but at this point I am not holding my breath.  

      I also noticed an unusual billing on my credit card. I was paying for a 4 month supply for $149.00 with shipping. My card was charged $49.91 with a balance due. This was not the agreement when ordered.

      Dean (

      I am on my second bottle of Lipozene now and not only have I not lost any weight, I have gained two pounds. It was the biggest waste of $39.95 I have ever seen.  

      Of course, I was hooked by the TV ad but when I called, the telephone operator for Lipozene was so insistent that I make a commitment to continued shipments, I was immedicately skeptical.  

      I told her I wanted the trial bottle only and she was not authorized to ship me any more of the product. Needless to say, I will never use this product again. I wish someone would put a stop to this false advertising and shut these people down.  

      Crystal (

      Lipozene did nothing for me and when I called to cancel any further orders, they sent me out one anyway and then told me that I could not get my money back. Now I am stuck with the extra bottles of this product plus the old bottle. Would not recommend it to any one.  

      Angeleta M. Beverly (

      I read on your site that you would not recommend Lipozene.  

      Well, I am an overweight person, weighing 300 (last time I weighed) and have tried, for the last 8 years or more, different diets and diet pills.  

      Then, I heard about Lipozene. I tried it at my own risk and have been taking it for about 3 weeks. After the second week of taking the pills, I am happy to say that I record my measurements every two days and I see that I have lost between .5 to 1 inch every time I check my measurements.  

      I have not been exercising like I should and have still been losing inches. No matter what anyone says, Lipozene worked for me. Thank God for Lipozene!  

      Trina (  

      I’ve purchased Lipozene. I’m a 35 year old Black America, and my work hours are between 10 to 14 hours a day. I really had no time for exercise, so I tried the product. I must say, I was nervous about trying the product. Everybody’s trying to make a quick buck from the other man.  

      I’ve taken the product for about 2 months now, and I’ve lost about 7 pounds. I don’t think taking Lipozene alone did it. I started playing basketball two days a week for about 3 hours at times. I’ve also started taking Metamucil and have changed my eating habits. I think and feel I could have gotten the same results by taking Glucomannan - 665Mg. It’s the same stuff in the Lipozene pills, and guess what, it’s only 9 dollars a bottle.  

      SKU: 255.101 Size/Form: 100/Caps Product On Sale Retail Price: 6.49 ON SALE Price: $8.96 (Now Save 46%)

      Incredible huh? I’m not too upset though. If I didn’t start taken Lipozene, I don’t think I would have gotten on the right track on seriously loosing some weight. I’m not fat, just have a gut that won’t go away. I weight about 230lbs, and I’m now down to abut 223lb. I’m going to loose weight and reach my goal of about 205, but I’m going to do it the right way and stop waiting money on commercials that are set up to take your money. Thanks for listening

      Christopher (

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      Cathie Beck wrote May 7, 2011
    • Neicy, I’ve seen the commercials on TV, but haven’t tried it. And I wouldn’t because like a lot of these testimonials, an increase in fiber and exercise works just fine for me.  


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      Msj wrote May 9, 2011
    • I wonder what is in the ingredients...

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      Denise Richardson wrote May 10, 2011
    • Ummmmm good question Msj. I’ll research and get back to you with an answer.

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      Denise Richardson wrote May 10, 2011
    • @Msj, here is what I found:

      Lipozene is not only 100% natural, but no adverse side effects have been reported when used as directed. Konjac Root, also called amorphophallus konjac, is the main ingredient in Lipozene. Konjac is most commonly known as Glucomannan, a soluble fiber. The root is cultivated in Japan and has been used as a weight loss aid for generations. Certain studies also report that the root has other medical benefits, such as the reduction of cholesterol, the regulation of blood sugar and the alleviation of constipation. While these findings are certainly noteworthy, Lipozene makes only one claim-that you will lose pounds of unwanted fat. Glucomannan creates a sponge-like effect in the intestine, making you feel full and in turn reducing your caloric intake. Because it is a water-soluble dietary fiber, it is not harmful and can be quite effective when taken as directed. Glucomannan assists in weight loss without the necessity for a diet or lifestyle change and without the potentially harmful side effects of many other weight loss supplements and drugs.  

      Lipozene ingredients are all-natural and the effects can benefit almost anyone. Most people can safely take Lipozene, although women who are nursing or pregnant should not take Lipozene. Consult a physician if you are on other medication before taking Lipozene. Lipozene ingredients have no reported side effects when taken as directed.

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      Marya1961 wrote May 10, 2011
    • I got hooked recently with a product that contains Acai berry..hub sent me an e-mail and it looked on the up and up, well, they sent me another bottle and I was not interested.

      I sent them a nasty letter telling them I would prosecute if need be and they not only removed the charge from my credit card, but sent me a letter of apology..they were probably not crooks, but how do I know that?

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      Denise Richardson wrote May 10, 2011
    • heartRight Mary one can NEVER be too careful.

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