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Q & A

Have you tried acupunture, cupping and traditional Chinese herbs? (the kind of herbs you cook)?
I live by them.

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      Denise Richardson wrote May 14, 2011
    • NO!, but please share your info on this.

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      Msj wrote May 14, 2011
    • Ohhh, Girls!

      I will work on a series of blogs!  

      I have spent so many years working for my Chinese Aunt and Unce (self appointed with their permission lol)

      She= M.D. in China and L.A.c. here in U.S, practice over 40 years. very well known all over the world. (Many patients come from all over the U.S. and Europe)

      Her husband=A Doctor,  Biochemist- Biochemist Professor in the largest teaching hospital in SHanghai!  

      Currently a well known writer is writing a biogrophy on her life.

      Now I volunteer with them.

      I have learned so many interesting bits of information.

      Annie, that is great! I love acupressure too! I have reaped the benefit of it and taught to others per request from Dr. Zhu, I will blog on that one too...

      I will share mucho info with you in a new series of blogs - Where shall I begin...

      I have done research for her over the years... I am so excited to get on this and it will help me stay busy with something to keep me happy and help others too!

      Thanks for your answers.

      Boy I sure do type long answers LOL

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      Msj wrote May 14, 2011
    • I will get on the blog this weekend but one quick bit of info; Dr. Shen (the Biochemist) is irked by the lack of knowledge in the U.S. and the fact people can go buy medicinal herbs without prescriptions.

      I urge all of you to please find a reputable herbalist if not a Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

      As He put it to me:

      *Example: Some people take Valarium root to relax.    

       He then made a face as though he ate a bit of lemon.
      Dr. Shen told me that Valium is made from that root.  

      This would be like buying valium 0ver the counter and dosing yourself. Valium is  Valarium Root with chemical compund added in ...

       he told me the compound and explained it on the board but (I forgot)...

      Also, the Ginko Biloba craze;
      Dr. Shen shared with me, that  is similar to a person going into GNC and telling the employee "I would like 2 bottles of PROZAC please."

      I understand these statements seem a bit harsh, He said much more which I will put in my blogs.

      The reason I chose these to share at this moment is because so so many people take this stuff...  

      They truly made me think about all of this. especially when patients come back and want more of an herb because of the result, then get irritated when the Dr. refuses, says no, you no longer need it... like say ginseng, there are many different kinds of ginseng, ok getting ahead of myself -

      You girls have me all excited to share, I will get my thoughts in order and start posting tomorrow!

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      Msj wrote May 14, 2011
    • Annie,

      I will have to look but I do have a link to an online place you can buy teas... I will look for that too....  one brand is called triple leaf, I checked with Dr. Zhu before taking...

      I will get the info for you.

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      Msj wrote May 15, 2011
    • Annie, here is the link but be careful I did take the laxative tea, worked very well, Dr. Shen was ok withme taking that particular one....

      I actually found this brand in Tulsa Oklahoma at a Chinese Community Store thye only spoke Mandarin and I speak very little, so I called my Dr. friends who talked with the owner and we came up with the Triple Leaf laxative  tea....

      [Link Removed]

      Msj, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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