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My Blog

  • On edge going back to school

    Posted on Wednesday, April 25, 2012

    Hey ladies I will be returning to school on May 15 to persue a degree in Health Services Management.  I have registered, have things in place and I am just about ready to go and pay for my classes.  However, since I am all ready to go I am having dreams of failing, arguing with professors over assignments, grades and just being anxious.  Last night before I went to bed I felt so anxious.

    At 44 and going back to school I know is a change that I will have to adjust to but cannot shake why I am so nervous.  My GPA from previous classes I have a 3.75 but just want to get over being so anxious.

    For you lovely ladies who have gone back to school how did you cope initially, was it scarey for you as well.  Need some calming down.


    6 Replies
  • A Mother's Pain - Child hanging

    Posted on Monday, April 23, 2012

    A mother’s love for her kids is so powerful.  It was a sunny yet breezy day last Wednesday in the neck of my woods.  I came home from work with all intentions to have dinner, relax and have an early night to bed.  However, upon driving to my drive way I realised my husband and neigbours on our lawn with my husband kneeling down.  Hubbie approached me and said “I will tell you something, donot scream“.  Ladies to my horror our neighour’s 14 year old son hung himself in the garage.

    As a mother I literally felt like my heart leaped out of my chest and hit the pavement.  I got an instant headache with throbbing to the front and things got a little blury for a while.  I was so much in shock.

    The other neighbour said she heard him playing his trumpet in the garage and this kid was such a pleasant, playful, joyful kid.

    He had just returned from Canada where he had just visited his father and was back less than 24 hours.

    I was sick with ear infections and had in drains in my ears so I was not able to attend the funeral but hubbie did go.  We cooked and took them a meal on Sunday.

    Mothers we have a tough job whether our kids are little or grown, mothering is just a tough job even tougher when dealing with divorce.  I pray for ALL mothers that we may lean strongly on our Lord for guidance.

    Love ya mothers.

    6 Replies

    Posted on Sunday, February 5, 2012

    On Tuesday 7th February will make 1 year since my mom passed away from a massive heartattack.   Presently I am sick with a bug but I find I am crying a lot for no reason and I am feeling very anxious and want to stick under my husband.  I feel like I am going to crack.  I have shared with hubbie and he is so understanding, sweet and just there for me.  My blood pressure is fluctuating, I am wringing my hands and just feel out of it.  Lord Jesus, as I type this I need some strength.  I donot want to loose my mind.  Jesus help me.

    8 Replies

    Posted on Sunday, February 5, 2012

    Hey ladies, I want to thank everybody who wished me a happy birthday and to those who did not get the chance, thanks for thinking about me.

    I was feeling very very  bless to wake up on the 3rd to a brand new day and was grateful to be alive.  I gave God all the praise and thanks.  

    My husband was very ill with a bug and had to come back home from work on Friday.  He had a high fever along with the pains in his stomach and visiting the bathroom every half hour.  We were not able to go out to dinner as was planned.  You know what I told hubbie that his love for me goes way beyong going out to a dinner.  I went to the resturant and ordered what I wanted and I ate at home.  Hubbie is now feeling better.

    Today, well this morning at 4am, I got slammed with the same bug.  I had just felt a bit unsettled in the stomach and so I went on to work, mistake, I had to come back home.  I am now home, going to the bathroom every 15-30 minutes, the pit of my stomach is sore, I have a fever and miserable.  To add insult to injury I started menstrating as well so I now have a massive headache and back ache.

    This to shall pass.  I will bounce back soon.

    Have a great week ladies.

    2 Replies
  • My Joke at Super Walmart

    Posted on Thursday, January 19, 2012

    I went to Super Walmart to get a few stuff with my  husband.  In the center isle there were christmas clearance  items.  I bought 6 christmas kitchen towels, not the thickest ones but good for when I have to use at the Curch.  While the cashier was ringing me up she rung up the towels for .3cents, yes three cents each.  These two ladies behind of me asked me where I got them from after seeing what the price was on my register.  I told them and they both literally were running to go get them.  The thing about that is I had only leave back two.  I wonder who got them or if they shared one each.  I am still smiling about it, grown women over 50 running down an isle for two .3cents christmas kitcen towel.  

    It is nice to have a smile on my face still.

    8 Replies
  • My brother and my father

    Posted on Wednesday, October 26, 2011

    Today is the 1 month anniversary of my father’s passing.  He was such a soft spoken yet firm man with a presence in the room that did not go unoticed.  Being the only girl and the last child of 3 I was his baby doll.  He has played a vital role in my life and his wisdom will reign with me forever.

    Yesterday I dreamt my dad and in the dream he was getting up off a hospital bed and telling me he is alive and well and he is ok.  I could not make sense of the dream.  However my brother called me about 15 minutes ago and told me that today he has gotten his final report from his doctor and HE IS CANCER FREE.  Lord Jesus I thank you.  While my dad was sick, my brother had to get surgery so I had to fly to New York and take of them.  God has been good inspite of.  My dad lived until 81 when the cancer ovetook his body and went to his bones.  My brother on the other hand was paying attention and got tested and now is CANCER FREE.  mY HAands are trembling all over the place but I am so happy, the tears are so much but they are tears of joy.  Joy becausce my dad has gone out of his pain and I will have ny brother for a long time to come.  he is 53 years old and the only other sibling I have.

    Thanks for all the love and prayers I received fro them during my difficulot times.  Excuse the typing, I am still feeling so happy and relieved.

    Thank you fab ladies

    7 Replies