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  • Narcissists - Borderlines-Psychopaths and Codependents-Mutal Mommy and Daddy Issues

    Posted on Tuesday, July 19, 2016

    _Healthy people don't tolerate abuse and call it love. Healthy people don't want to have relationships with children in adult bodies. Healthy people don't tolerate being manipulated and exploited and think it's okay or normal. Healthy people don't stay in relationships out of fear, obligation and guilt. Codependent people do.


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    Posted on Sunday, June 26, 2016

    At the age of 14 I became a Motherless Daughter. In 1980 I married. In 1999 I divorced. In 2001 after being in relationship with a so called “well to do” man of society for 6 months he attempted to kill me after finding out I knew that he was committing fraud. To hide and survive I moved into a woman’s shelter. It was while living in the women’s shelter that my daughter handed me a book called Motherless Daughters written by Hope Edelman.  

    14 years later I was privileged to attend a Motherless Daughter’s conference in L.A. One of the amazingly courageous inspiring woman, brilliant author Cheryl Strayed (author of Wild) and inspiring speaker was Cheryl Strayed. Below is a snippet of her show called Sugar and a very vulnerable topic: Secrets. My life is my story and in 2017 I will  also be releasing my first book.


    Every family has its secrets, but it’s how those secrets are dealt with that determines the power they hold.

    In Part 1, the Sugars consider the implications of keeping a secret within a family system. They take a letter from a woman who, since her early teens, has kept a dark and powerful secret from her mother about her stepfather.
    The Sugars are joined by the writer Kathryn Harrison, who, in her memoir “The Kiss,” dared to share a family secret that nearly destroyed her. Harrison recently published a collection of essays, “True Crimes: A Family Album,” that explores the broader issues of this series: family secrets held and revealed.

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  • Beliefs

    Posted on Saturday, May 21, 2016

    How Beliefs are forwarded is they set out to prove what they assume rather than to explore and examine. They set out to confirm and verify.

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  • Patterns

    Posted on Saturday, May 21, 2016

    Isn’t it great when you realize that all patterns are not bad. Rather they are a form of behaviour and behaviours can be changed. It is a matter of working with the structure. Today while revisiting some amazing learnings that I have experienced over many years I experienced even more learning which lead to insights and moments of beyond wow. I am so excited to be soon sharing with you some of these insights so that you too can choose to experience  the more that is yet to be revealed.

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  • Do You Know Your False Master

    Posted on Saturday, May 21, 2016

    When patterns are at work, they replace the process of conscious thinking and decision-making. We all have countless fixed routes that are formed by our patterns. All of the routes form a web-like network. Particular information will go through certain fixed routes according to its nature. All of the information will find its route and will be processed by all of the patterns on this route. This whole network is the 'false master'. It is behind all of the decisions and judgments we make and all of the actions that we take. Do you know your false master?

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  • How Do We Change Problematic Patterns?

    Posted on Saturday, May 21, 2016

    How do we change problematic patterns? The principle is to replace the problematic patterns with healthy patterns. Why replace instead of clear them? Because the patterns of the consciousness are an indispensible part of the consciousness: the consciousness functions through them. It is not within the law of life for a human being to function without patterns.
    Some people believe that, because problematic patterns are the fundamental causes of problems in life, clearing problematic patterns will be the way to deal with problems. The idea of 'letting go' is based on this belief, and for some people letting go of all unhealthy patterns or conditioning becomes the goal to achieve. How do you get rid of a pattern just like that? After much effort and many attempts, you would probably find that letting go is not easy at all. You want to let go of emotion or thinking or reacting in a certain way. However, each time you are in the same situation, you are thinking and reacting exactly the same way again and again. Why is this?

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