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Neicy’s In sight

  • A Lazy Afternoon

    Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2011

    Today was an off day for me, but I still got up early to see my hubby off to work, the grand baby got up shortly after he left to go to the potty but went right back to sleep. My body was so tired today I wanted to get out to do something fun, but my body said "not so!" So I laid around all afternoon until I looked at my peace lillies seeing they are ready for a new pot they are growing  and need more room so I decided to go to T.J.Maxx in my p.j's to see what I could find as well as seeing if they had any other pieces to match my dishes I bought on my last visit, all they did have was one bowl to match the set, and I left it I didn't feel up to going to any other locaion to look for more, so I shopped around and found a nice orange pottery pot for $9.99 for my lillies, and my grand daughter got two nice blouses that were marked down to $7.00 ea. and a stamp and sticker set. Didn't feel like much of anything else so we came back home. Yesterday I stopped in at Homegoods and bought a new floral wreath for my exterior door.

    I think I’m in a Spring state of mind lol, I’m so sick of the snow and the cold looking for bright colors to brighten up the place for the Spring season. I’m still looking for colors for my kitchen which I’ve decided on bright oranges, yellows, greens and reds.

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  • Rest? Who Me???

    Posted on Monday, January 10, 2011

    Ok so here it is day two of me dealing with this tummy virus, ok so I've had all the dry crackers and Vernors one can muster in a 24 hour period, I want some
    "REAL FOOD!!!" lol. Ok so I called my job letting them know I will not be in tomorrow seeing this is where I got this crap from, I have been in bed since yesterday and I need to get some things around here done, rest? What is that!!!? My hubby has no sense of knowing when it's time to clean, it seems he'll walk right around stuff as if he is a blind man and it drives me batty!
    I went on a cleaning strike for three weeks literally and he still hasn't made an effort to even dust off these dusty glass tables can you believe it!? They are so dusty you CAN write your name in them lol, I did this to make a point to him, but it went un-noticed.frown and I can't take the dust any longer sooooooooooo "I HAVE TO CLEAN!!!" I guess when you were raised in a house full of hoarded junk you don't notice a junky space, his family is so junky and they are hoarders but not to the point of the TV series, but I just hate not having things in their place. Thats the kind of person I am everything needs to be neat and clean and in place. There is NO rest for the weary.frown
    So I first have to start in the bathroom geesh!!! he leaves his mess every morning. I did the kitchen while making my soup that wasn’t so bad. The floor needs to be vacuumed and the dust gone from my tables. He never kept his apartment  this bad when we dated what happened???ohhhh Oh well it just gives me reason to fuss and clean all at the same time, maybe that will make me feel better lol.

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  • The Power of Positive Thinking

    Posted on Monday, January 3, 2011

    The Power of Positive Thinking
    By Remez Sasson

    Positive thinking is a mental attitude that admits into the mind thoughts, words and images that are conductive to growth, expansion and success. It is a mental attitude that expects good and favorable results. A positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action. Whatever the mind expects, it finds.

    Not everyone accepts or believes in positive thinking. Some consider the subject as just nonsense, and others scoff at people who believe and accept it. Among the people who accept it, not many know how to use it effectively to get results. Yet, it seems that many are becoming attracted to this subject, as evidenced by the many books, lectures and courses about it. This is a subject that is gaining popularity.

    It is quite common to hear people say: “Think positive!“, to someone who feels down and worried. Most people do not take these words seriously, as they do not know what they really mean, or do not consider them as useful and effective. How many people do you know, who stop to think what the power of positive thinking means?

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  • In Case You're Interested

    Posted on Sunday, January 2, 2011

    If you‘re in the area or near it you might want to check this out!!!

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  • A New Year, A New Beginning!

    Posted on Saturday, January 1, 2011

    Well I made it! Happy 2011, and thanking God for it! I'm so happy to be on this side of heaven I'm not quite ready for the final stage of life and I know I have much work to do for the Lord as well as for myself. I am so grateful for all that the year 2010 has brought me, but I am so looking for the bigger and better in the 2011 year. One of the 1st things I'm going to be focusing on is my weight and my health, I'm going to do better in my eating and exercising habits. My hubby just signed us up at FITNESS 19 so I have a membership and no excuse NOT to go and exercise. I my next goal is to find another job one that will work for me and my abilities now as a 50 year old woman lol. My final but not least goal is to finish and get my book published this year!

    I have made up my mind that I will not look back into old relationships and keep it moving I have to leave those who were of no use to me or deposited anything positive in my life behind in 2010 and YES!, that includes family. I'm tired of dead relationships and YES!, I'm looking for new employment as I write this as a matter of fact I have been up this morning since around 4am-ish submitting my cover letter and resume' online to different companies. I am believing God that this is going to another GREAT year for me and my household.
    Seeing that I am a summer baby born in June I am looking forward to this summer and what it may hold for us, even though I didn't have a 50th birthday party for myself I do plan on having it for my 51st this year and making it like it's my 50th LOL! My hubby and I want to take the family on a vacation to Universal Studios this summer as well and we can see my play brother again too! he lives only minutes away from it. I want to get re-focused on my duties in the church I have been a bit laxed because so much has been going on, but I'm going to be diligent and focused and do my kingdom works for the Lord, he has been too good to me and my family for me not to! Hopefully my hubby and I can come to a final decision on a new home this year and be able to make a purchase by fall. And I also hope to finally meet some of you ladies maybe in this year as well, God Bless.

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