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AWE Blog at Fab40

  • OMG...Could Oprah be in Mid-Life Crisis?

    Posted on Tuesday, January 6, 2009

    OMG...Is Oprah having a Mid-life Crisis?


    Yesterday on the first show a much publicized series called the "Best Life Week", Oprah admitted that she had not been taking care of her self and again regained 40 lbs. of weight that she so masterfully and publicly lost in the past.  In front of God and millions of the shows fans, she admitted that she had forgotten to take care of herself first!  During the show she demonstrated how this happened.

    With her assistant by her side, she showed her daily calendar, which was packed to the gills with meetings and events that did not include any personal time for the popular talk show host and entrepreneur.  It was evident just by looking at the calendar; Oprah had become a work alcoholic!  Time to change her calendar and take time for herself, which she did, yet still attacking the change with the fervor that is Oprah!


    She spoke of her health, the weight gain and her revelation that she had been focusing on everything and everyone else first.  As I sat and watched this show, I heard Oprah telling the world the very same things I hear from women and the men of wives all over the world who come to my Women in MLC (Mid Life Crisis) Forum.  Oprah's life cup was draining and the physical evidence is her weight gain.  

    Could the illustrious Oprah Winfrey be experiencing a Mid-Life Crisis?!

    In my head I went through the mid-life crisis litmus quiz that we give everyone at the forum, which is made up of triggers that have occurred over the past five to ten years.  With the public information we know is true, let's put Oprah to the test by using these triggers that we know the answers to:

    •*Death or experiencing Grief*  – Two of Oprah's much beloved dogs died in the past two years.  The dogs for Oprah were considered family or much like her own, consider this the death of a child...twice!  Add in any other significant others who have passed in the past five to ten years.
    •*Increased responsibility at Work* – Oprah opened her school for girls in South Africa., plus she had to deal with a public event of a worker who had been accused of mistreatment of the girl's at the school. The premier and subsequent building of a top magazine. Her support of Barack Obama in his campaign. To much more to list. The woman is a work alcoholic!
    •*Health Issues and Illness* – Oprah was diagnosed with a thyroid condition and possible heart issues. She has been in treatment and dealing with it. Add in her admitted struggle with her weight.
    •Moving – How many houses does Oprah have in how many areas of the world? I have lost count, but with each new residence that she has acquired, we could consider this a move for her, even though she probably has a team of people handling the redecorating and is still a move for Oprah.
    •*Childhood issues and/or History* – We all know that Ms Winfrey was molested by a family member when she was young....this is an issue, along with her long time estrangement from her father until later on in her life. Are these issues really resolved? Ms Winfrey has always struggled with her weight and maybe she is still struggling with self-image issues that have reared their ugly heads later on in life. She has admitted that she much of her outgoing personality we see on TV comes from her childhood need to be accepted.
    •*Finances: Increase or Decrease*  – Oprah is the richest or one of the richest and powerful women in the world.  The pressure of being a wealthy person can and could be very bears a heavy responsibility.  Many people are dependant upon her for their livelihoods AND as we all know, money does not buy happiness.  In the ever increasing concern over the economy, Oprah and her money mangers may be concerned over what she has invested her money in and what she will be able to do in the future.  


    •*Relationships*  – Since Ms Winfrey keeps her relationship with her long time partner Stedman Graham very private, only he would know the answers to the following:
    oHas Oprah dropped the "I Love You But I am Not In Love With You" statement on you lately?
    oHow's your sex life? Non-existent? Struggling? Low sexual –libido?
    oIs she asking for more space?
    oAny suspicions about relationships with other people?
    oDo the two of you have a history of affairs or cheating? (Maybe the reason for the intense interest in "Why Men Cheat".)

    Oprah hits several targets straight on with many of the public knowledge and answers to MLC Triggers.  The rest is her private business, but if we did know the answers to these other questions, I could definitively say that Oprah Winfrey is just like many other women in the US and around the world.  


    I know many people will not be organizing a collective "pity party" for the queen of daytime talk shows over her present state, but the fact that we can see that even Oprah can possibly go through a Mid-life Crisis makes her a bit more human.  All the money in world or celebrity can NOT keep a person from avoiding the dreaded MLC...

    Oprah is having a Mid-life Crisis and hers will be a very public one!

    See original article at [Link Removed] 

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