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Tulip’s Tales

  • It's been an eventful summer...

    Posted on Sunday, June 22, 2014

    It’s been a long eventful summer already.... and it’s only June.  Wow!

    To start the summer off, DD and SIL and grandbaby were here to help me do some major repairs on my house.  

     Now it’s been raining several times a week so that it is so green here, I hardly recognize my yard.  The lawn mowing and weeding have been endless.

    Then, we had graduation.  My last baby threw his hat in the air and kicked the dust of the classroom off his sneakers.  So proud of him.

    That same weekend, I had to attend the funeral of the dear friend and client I’ve cleaned for several years now, and known for more than a decade.

    Tonight, we just got home from being in North Dakota for the weekend.  Our grandson turned one year old and was baptized, so two celebrations were rolled into one weekend.  Both of my daughters were able to be there, so I had 3/4 of my kiddos in one place which was nice.  Travelled with our dogs which makes any trip a much bigger undertaking, but they travelled like troupers!!!   Hubby showed more signs of life and gumption than he has in .... oh, say about a year!!!!

    I’ve travelled for work already once this summer.  Worked hard and misbehaved hard (very fun!!!)  Hope to get the chance to travel later on as well.

    One Saturday night my hubby took me out to eat.  This may not seem like a big deal to anyone, but it’s HUGE!!! We never go out for supper and almost never for lunch. He took me to the local burger joint where he knew he’d have to be social, and that just never never happens!

    This week, as far as I know, I will get to learn to operate equipment at work that I’ve never run before.  Way cool! Always good to learn new skills.

    And sadly, on Wednesday I will stand behind the guest register as we say goodbye to another member of the community, one of the nearest and dearest friends I’ve had since I’ve lived in this place.  I’m so glad Carolyn is at rest now.  She’s been waiting to go home to the Lord for quite awhile now,  but I am going to forever miss being able to go down to her house and confide in her and in turn listen to her stories.

    There’s a lot of summer left.........

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  • Why do men have it so easy?????

    Posted on Thursday, May 8, 2014

    This is a rant because I’m pretty much having an “I hate men” day.

    Why are men such big sissy babies when they don’t feel good.  Why do they get to stay home and go to bed or sit in the recliner every time they don’t feel good?

    I felt like absolute garbage yesterday.  And yet.... I got up on the roof of the house to finish putting the siding on, I finished up the fiddly little odds and ends things with this whole house project, I put away all the tools, hauled a load of junk to the dump, fixed myself lunch, tried to start the lawn mower, ran the weed eater around the front yard, washed three loads of laundry, installed the new dryer vent and cooked supper.

    And that man about had a fit and fell in it because I asked him to come out and hold my ladder and THAT‘S ALL HE DID ALL DAY!!!!!  

    And today I got up with my sinuses still screaming and streaming and I went to work.  Hubby still feeling too rough to go to work.  So I drove myself to town, worked 9 1/2 hours, drove a friend home, stopped to get myself Nyquil, drove myself home, and now I’m cooking supper.  Again.

    Men suck.

    3 Replies
  • That time of year

    Posted on Wednesday, March 26, 2014

    Oh heaven help me, it’s that time of year again!!!!  

    The time when my BFF starts nagging me to get “a hairstyle”

    I’ve told her, repeatedly, that long and straight IS a style.

    Complete strangers tell me my hair is AMAZING.  Men who know me, love my hair.  Women who can’t grow their hair out envy me.  What more could I possibly want from a hair style?

    My hair is healthy and shiny and almost down to my butt.  I wear it braided to work because it’s practical.  If I choose, I can wear it up, or in a pony tail or long and flowing.  That’s a pretty versatile hair style in my opinion.  

    I just don’t understand why I should suffer thru an annual trip the beauty shop.  She wants to give me this for my birthday and frankly I’d rather be kicked in the head by a cow.

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  • I'm not wonder woman!

    Posted on Tuesday, February 25, 2014

    How do I know I’m not wonder woman?  Because my boobs aren’t big enough and I don’t have an invisible jet plane.

    These facts don’t seem to bother the men I work with.  They seem convinced that I am wonder woman and super mom all rolled into one.

    Most days I’m cool with that.  Being seriously hormonal and just coming back from a couple days off, I just wasn’t cool with that today.

    The chaos left over from whatever went on the days I was gone was bad enough.  But my helper hasn’t been at work for the last two days.

    I kinda went off on the asst mnger this morning and suggested he send someone over to HELP ME!!!!!!  He did not.   I was mad because like I say, I’m not wonder woman.  Sheesh.  I’m only one person and I’ve got emails coming in wanting to know why this or that isn’t done yet.  Hellllooooooo.... I’m one single person doing the best I can.

    I’ve got cool boots and I’ve got cool bracelets and I can put a bandaid on faster than anyone in  the building and  I can dodge a speeding forklift.... I guess in my world that qualifies me to be.... .... Wonder Mom?

    I wonder what they’ll throw at me tomorrow.  Hopefully I won’t have to learn the new phone system.

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  • I'm a movie star! LOL

    Posted on Wednesday, January 22, 2014

    Ok, my dearest old friend sent me a link to a you tube video.  I’m going to try to make it work here.

    See if you can spot me in it.

    6 Replies
  • Common Sense is Stone-Cold Dead!

    Posted on Thursday, January 16, 2014

    I’ve been writing this blog in my head all day.  But.... when I leave work, my brain tends to shut off.  I don’t remember half of what I wanted to say.

    I rant and rave about common sense and the lack thereof at work quite often.  Mostly when I leave work, I can leave that kind of craziness behind me.

    Yesterday afternoon I met a young man who had recently moved to town because the small town he is from has no job opportunities.  I know that to be true because I work with a couple people from that town.

    He was trying to convince me what a hard worker he is.  And yet..... he had gotten a job cooking at the golf course... and quit the job.  Not because the pay was bad, or the boss was awful.  He quit because it was too far to walk to work.  

    I was mind boggled.  Yes, when the wind chill is -25, three miles might be too far to walk to work.  But... The town where I work has a great transit system.  If you call 24 hrs ahead of time, a ride anywhere in town only costs $2.50.  That’s $5 a day to get to work and back.  I wish I could get to work for so little money!!!!!!!  And a punch card for the week is only $20.  

    Am I missing something?  How is being unemployed better than taking $20 out of your paycheck to get to work?  

    We have a deadbeat at work who is just as bad.  He didn’t show up till noon one day.  We asked him why.  He couldn’t find a ride.  Instead of calling  the transit and spending the little bit of money on a ride, he missed out on 4 hours pay.  Where is the sense in that?????????  

    Another kid couldn’t make it to work one day because “the weather is too bad.”  He lives four miles out of town.  Right near our secretary who made it to work.  Thirty four miles closer to work than I live!  And I made it to work.  What is wrong with these people????

    8 Replies