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What’s Cooking

  • Good-bye

    Posted on Tuesday, September 13, 2016

    After talking it over with Yana, I’ve decided that it’s time to retire “What’s Cooking“.

    It’s been fun, but I’m ready to leave this column and move on.

    Thanks to all of you who have read my musings, recipes and all the things inbetween!


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  • I'm Thinking of Retiring

    Posted on Saturday, August 13, 2016

    This has been a tough week.  Sunday our grandpup Lily came to stay for the week while Adam, Sam and the kids went on vacay.  We also had to walk up the street to their house twice a day to feed and care for their two cats.

    Wednesday and Thursday we had the boys after school.

    But this is the norm-the part that makes me want to quit things is that it was also the week I started my 3 shot weekly “torture” on gel shots to my worst knee.

    The shot was quite painful on Wednesday morning, but what did me in was the ortho “pushing” the gel around the area afterwards!  I swear to you all I literally saw stars, got nauseous enough to puke and then proceeded to practically pass out in a cold sweat.  It took about 20 minutes to feel better.

    Now the ortho said to use RICE for the next 48 hours and cancel my walk and water aerobics for the rest of the week.

    Ever try to take care of 6 animals, 2 kids and just regular stuff in this condition???

    Thankfully dh had all of Wednesday off and I only had to drive to school Thursday while he was at work.

    Dylan, 9-1/2, looked at my bandage and even more swollen joint and asked, “Grandma, did you get a shot in your kneecap?”

    When I confirmed it-he turned a few shades paler and behaved both days he was with me.

    Now I have the next two repeat “performances” to go through.  Let me tell you-this had so better work on improving my knee pain and mobility!

    DH got take out for dinner the first night and grilled it the second, Friday everything went into the oven.  Tonight, well, I’ve got another night of “easy, peasy” dishes to serve.

    But since we‘re committed to do this the rest of the month-I’m thinking that my time of standing and preparing anything more than the simplest of fare has come to an end.

    And given the circumstances-I’m okay with this decision.

    You may not see me posting on this space for a while-enjoy your cooking!

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  • It's Going to be a Long, Hot Week

    Posted on Sunday, August 7, 2016

    I know, you‘re all sick of my telling you it’s too hot to cook and keeping things as simple as could be-but this is what happens as you reach the time in life where decade #6 is around a very close corner.

    The monsoons have finally arrived here in AZ-making this past week not just hot but sticky humid.  Nothing defines it better than saying the temps are 108 but because of the rains it feels more like 115.

    Except for the sweating and feeling as if I’d like to live in the shower, who knows the dif between 108 and 115???

    Plus, the humidity does nothing good for my various chronic health problems.

    So while I was able to ditch cooking last night in order to go down the block to Adam and Sam’s to celebrate Jackson’s 3rd birthday-tonight I’m only using the stove and making:

    Grilled ahi tuna steaks, glazed carrots with agave and cinnamon and rounding it out with high fiber rotini with just a hint of evoo and minced garlic.  I’m also cooking the pasta in chicken broth.

    For the next week I’m just a tad busy:  the normal water aerobics and one 6 a.m. walk, (I usually do 2 but I’m starting my gel injections on my worst knee Wednesday and have been told to rest and ice for 48 hours), going down to the kids house to feed their 2 cats twice a day, hosting Lily my grand-pup for the week, seeing the rheumy tomorrow and, of course, I have the boys after school Wednesday and Thursday.

    Cooking?  I’ll figure it out once I get to the market after my doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon.  Nothing major as I really do need DH’s help with the shopping.

    I’m putting dh in charge of at least Weds. dinner as I have a feeling I’ll be sitting with my leg up and having ice packs handed to me.

    And now, back to my normal Sunday afternoon routine of petting my fur babies.

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  • Foodie With Some "Buts"

    Posted on Saturday, July 23, 2016

    I love trying new foods and places and attempting to replicate the dishes at home.  It’s fun and DH and I enjoy the results, for the most part.

    But-when you‘re on constant “heat warning” cooking is NOT what you really want to do.  At all, for almost every reason.

    Take last night-I took out a package of ahi tuna, seared it on a pan for a couple of minutes on each side and slid it on top of some mixed Spring greens, tomatoes and mini-bellas.  Our last part of the meal?  I had some pumpkin cranberry bread left from the boys afternoon snacks for the week.  I serve it with peanut butter and some type of applicable veggies and more water.  

    Water is a constant must out here.  Without it we will perish.  

    Have you heard that we Arizonans are in week #who knows of extreme heat warnings?  Last night we almost had one of our monsoons-but I think the almost tornado blowing through blew the rain over us and just left us with 112 degrees, hot wind and painful humidity.

    I do NOT feel like doing much of anything involving my kitchen.

    This morning had me just trying to get through toasting our double fiber bread, pitting cherries and making sure that there was a full container of water in the Keurig.

    Luckily for me, DH is happy with whatever lunches I put in his box and doesn’t mind that I’m down to making our dinners “tasty with a side of ridiculously easy“.

    Heat makes me blasé.  And I don’t care.

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  • Thank Goodness for Outdoor Cooking

    Posted on Saturday, July 9, 2016

    The longer we live on the face of the sun, the simpler and more basic my cooking has become-especially since it’s too darn hot to either do the fancy cooking I at least attempted to do in CA or eat around here.

    Take this past week:  Steve and I tried a new BBQ place with a groupon Wednesday.  It was “date afternoon” (I’m too tired for a night date) and we used his free movie passes to see Tarzan and then it was off to try this new place.  

    DH ordered the sampler plate of too many meats to count with truffle fries/slaw.  Our coupon included an appetizer and dessert.

    We loved the calamari-flash fried with a sweet/spicy chili glaze and thin slices of carrot, daikon and red bell peppers with just a few pepperochinis.  Very good!

    Steve bet the waitress he could finish his meal when she suggested that we’d both need boxes as the portions were huge.

    Guess what?  He couldn’t.  He only finished the brisket and took a bite of the sausage, pulled pork and ate one rib.  He didn’t even come close to finishing the fries.

    I had the grilled Bourbon salmon with a crisp green salad and the truffle fries as well.  I finished the salad but took home half the salmon and almost all the fries.

    Why tell you this?  Because we took it and the dessert home and with a small addition of a kale salad I made with an Asian sesame dressing and had that for dinner the next night.

    It was fast, easy and more than enough.  In fact, we still couldn’t finish the fries!

    Next night I took out a huge chicken breast and mimicked the Asian Sesame dressing and marinated it for grilling later with some fresh corn on the cob which was served over the last of the kale.

    During the heat and (not here, but I’m sure some of you suffer from)humid dog days of summer it’s best to keep things fresh, simple and light.

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  • It's Too Darn Hot

    Posted on Sunday, June 12, 2016

    After what was considered to be one of our coolest springs in the last decade-summer has arrived along with our traditionally excessive heat and record breaking temps.

    Too hot to cook in or out doors.  Ugh!

    Last week we hit 115 five days in a row.  My friends and I have begun walking at the ungodly hour of 6 a.m. and still finish up soaking wet.  Thankfully (yeah, right)both of my orthopedics informed me that walking 5 days a week is way too much for my continually degenerating joints and discs.

    I was told to do water aerobics.

    I’m down with that!  My “coffee” girlfriends and I went to our first class on Friday.  It was fun, harder than I thought and cooling.

    As for cooking? Meh.  Yesterday’s dinner menu was a simple and quick grill of turkey sausage, a medley of zucchini, carrots and onions and corn on the cob.

    Tonight’s menu:  baked tilapia (this fish is just too thin to grill-although if it gets much hotter in the house, I might put it on some foil and then let the grill do the work!  Found some fun chipotle tortillas while marketing the other day, so we’ll be doing some fish tacos and a fresh sweet slaw to balance the spicy tortillas and my chili/panko crust on the fish.

    Desserts around here have become nothing more than some cold fruit or sorbet-and that is okay.

    Hope your summer is going well!

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