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What’s Cooking

  • Oatmeal for Dinner

    Posted on Sunday, January 25, 2015

    What can I say?  DH called yesterday morning after I returned from a morning watching Jackson while DDIL filled in at the Mom/son kickball game.  We had been out in the freezing temps and wind for about an hour-and-a-half.

    I had taken out some salmon and was going to grill it (eventually our temps went from the 36 a.m. temps to 79)and serve over some True Food kale salad.  We were both looking forward to this favorite meal.

    DH informed me that he had forgotten that we were supposed to go to his manager’s surprise birthday party.  SURPRISE!

    Sorry, since getting nearly slaughtered in that incident 2 years ago-I do NOT like to drive at night by myself.  Told him to have fun and I’d stay home.

    While procrastinating on my Earth Day story, I saw a recipe for “Carrot Cake High Protein Oatmeal“.  I decided that it sounded like a perfect dinner for me.

    I, naturally, did a few minor changes-but the end result was filling and quite tasty.  Plus, it was as if I was eating dessert for dinner.  No fat, spicy from the cinnamon and ginger and perfect for a solo evening!

    Here’s the recipe, it serves 2, but I easily made it for 1:

    3/4 C unsweetened vanilla almond milk
    1/2 C plain low fat Greek yogurt (I used soy yogurt, but you could easily use mashed banana, applesauce or even pumpkin)
    1/2 C grated carrot (I really packed mine in)
    1/4 tsp salt
    1/2 tsp both cinnamon and ginger
    2 tbsps. sweetener of your choice
    1 C old-fashioned oats (I used a 9 grain version)
    1/4 C protein powder (I used peanut butter powder, but they also said you could just use extra oats)

    Mix all the ingredients together and divide into separate dishes.  Cover and leave in the fridge for at least an hour, preferably overnight.  I made mine at one in the afternoon and at about 5.  Top with chopped pecans or walnuts, extra yogurt, more cinnamon-whatever you like with carrot cake (raisins, perhaps?)

    You can eat it cold or heat it in the micro for 30-60 seconds.  I did and it was great!

    Calories:  265  Protein:  23 grams  Fiber:  6 grams

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  • Getting to a Stagnate Time

    Posted on Sunday, January 18, 2015

    I still love to cook and try new things, but it’s getting harder as I age, really.

    This week I had our older grandkids from Wednesday afternoon until Saturday at 10:15.

    Simply put-I’m exhausted.  It’s not that they aren’t well-behaved, they are-but getting up at 6 in the dark to get them, the pets and dh ready by 7:30 is a lot of work for a person who just doesn’t move well until maybe 10 a.m..

    So the week had me grilling fish, pork chops, making breakfast for dinner and loving bagged kale and spinach, A LOT.

    Last night, after my day of doing their linens, feeding and standing guard at the shower and taking care of our fur babies needs, I found myself thinking, “do I really have to make dinner?”

    I did of course, but it was nothing fantastic.  I simply roasted zucchini, carrots, onions and celery in evoo, cumin and steak seasoning and then tossed it with some campanelli pasta (cauliflower ears) that I made in chicken broth and garlic.  I also put some steelhead trout into the oven with a smattering of lemon pepper and garlic.

    It was a good hearty dinner with leftovers enough for dh’s lunch.

    Dessert?  Let me tell you something, I’m tired and my spine is on the “do not resuscitate” list, so the boys (who love chocolate pumpkin and sweet potato banana bread) are lucky to get that for afternoon snack, let alone make any type of other dessert.

    We had our friends over for brunch Wednesday morning-I made Belgian waffles with a “bar” of toppings on the table:  strawberries, bananas, both smooth and chunky peanut butter, sugar-free syrup, butter substitute and a pot of chocolate raspberry coffee.  DH grilled up some breakfast sausage and thick cut center bacon as well.

    Held us all until it was time for me to make dinner for the boys and the two of us at 5:30.

    That’s my cooking lately:  simple, fast and as healthy as I am able to make it.

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  • Cold Weather Dinners

    Posted on Sunday, January 11, 2015

    Here in the desert we’ve been subject to some VERY HUGE temperature swings of late!  On New Year’s Eve day, we not only broke a record daytime low from 1902 but we had SNOW.  Yes, snow.

    We were having a bit of a “party” to celebrate the night.  No not one with us dressing up and serving champagne and appetizers with family and friends, we were having a very kid friendly evening.

    The older grandsons were spending the night.  The weather was freezing, so we had to skip the usual use of the grill.  That’s okay, it was the perfect night to have Aidan (my self-designated sous chef) help me put together one of my “must go” stews.

    I let him look through the veggie bin and choose while I decided to make it a “salmon” version with homemade popovers.

    While Aidan washed the carrots, zucchini and mushrooms I made a very quick veggie broth from some limp anise, onions and garlic.  I did sneak some celery in there as well, but don’t tell because Dylan hates the crunchy sticks.

    Once the veggies were ready I strained out the used veggies and simply added the prepared items and also added a can of fire-roasted and diced tomatoes.  I simmered it until the veggies were almost cooked and the dropped in the chunks of salmon.

    I already had made some couscous earlier in the week which I divvied out into the bowls and spooned our kid-made “fish” soup onto.

    As for the popovers-I use my Yorkshire pudding recipe. Now I do like to let mine sit for about 30 minutes on the counter and then pour it into the well-oiled and HOT muffin tin.  I have put the recipe on here before-but your favorite will obviously work well too!

    Back to our weather-one week to the day after the recording breaking low, we them had a record breaking high!  Yes, the next Wednesday our temps hit 84, which broke the 1928 record of 80.

    Go figure.  Happy New Year to everyone!

    BTW-today is Lucky’s “birthday“!  Yes our little rescue has been with us 2 years.  Hard to believe.  I still cry when I see a Goldie and grieve for Sunshine, but I definitely believe she’s looking down and loving that we made room in our lives to love another pup in need.  Pepper seems to know today’s special, he’s been cuddling and kissing her all morning.

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