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Girl Talk

  • Man’s Best Friends: Requests for the New Year

    Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2011

    New Year's resolutions usually revolve around getting into shape, eating better and improving spending habits.  While these are all admirable goals, they are self-centered. If your family is anything like mine, pets are family members and deserve consideration as such.  So why not include some resolutions for 2011 to benefit the furrier family members?

    dog heart

    1. Take more walks.  This will kill two birds: you can check two resolutions off your list, exercise for you and Fido.  Quality walks are key; dogs are tuned into every sound and scent around them, so change up where you trek, days of the week and time of day to keep the trails fresher for both you and your dog.

    2. Play, play, play.  Dogs love attention, but not in the form of hugs and kisses.  Playing fetch is a timeless traditional game for man and his dog, but tug-of-war can be a sort of therapeutic experience for dogs that helps them release excess energy while getting some personal attention from their Number 1.

    3. Doggy-play dates.  Domesticated dogs are social creatures, loving both man and canine friends, so bring them all together!  Parties centering around friends and their dogs are easy and fairly inexpensive to host.  Instead of making it a traditional potluck, have party guests bring fun dog treats and toys.  

    4. Doggy fitness.  It may (or may not) surprise you to learn that obesity is as much a pet-issue as it is for people.  This year, resolve to keep your pet's diet full of nutritious treats, right portion-size and regular meals.  Treat your dog like you do yourself, so you both can live long and prosper.


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  • (Un) Sexy Success?

    Posted on Thursday, January 6, 2011

    The tables have really turned over the course of 50 years in the American workforce. Most households rely on two incomes to sustain a certain standard of living, and in fact, it has become more common for the lady of the house to be the major contributor.

    This trend promises to be a growing theme with the majority of college graduates being female and steadily taking over the higher paying professional careers that were traditionally male-dominated (such as doctors, dentists, lawyers and entrepreneurs).  But how compatible, or incompatible is this trend with securing a steady, happy, healthy relationship with a less-accomplished man?

    Many successful women in their thirties are increasingly being faced with the challenge of finding a mate who welcomes their success, power and money and does not feel threatened by such status.  This apparent inequality also makes preserving the traditional gender roles of a relationship difficult.  

    What does this mean for women who have found great success by their thirties?  Is this group doomed to loneliness and the single life?  Not necessarily.

    Some men are thrilled at the prospect of being supported by their mate and are even relieved to be free of the pressure to be the bread-winner like their fathers before them.  But many men find this a very uncomfortable pairing and have difficulty resigning themselves to what could be seen as second-in-command.

    Recommendations for high-powered women (or up-and-coming high powered women) include looking for a mate as early on as possible, so that the relationship has a chance to be cemented before the tidal wave of success later on.  For those already advanced in their fields and positions, be subtle about your tremendous success and keep all flashy displays of wealth/status at a minimum when first dating.  Men whose egos are less-invested in their financial success and power also can make great mates, like academics or artists.  

    Being a high powered, successful woman is nothing to be avoided or shunned. If anything such women should be applauded and encouraged in their endeavors.  Finding a partner requires the match be a good fit for one another regardless of who is the breadwinner within the household.

    I have never been fond of the idea that a woman should be completely dependent on their significant other or vice versa for that matter. Furthermore, I have always encouraged my daughters to get the highest education possible and build a solid career for themselves. At the end of the day, it’s nice to know that whether or not your husband brings home the bacon or not, you don’t have to be completely dependent on him.  

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